Quality is the lifeline that the company grows. In recent years, shandong sea changes limited company of chloric alkaline colophony to pass promotion quality awareness, optimize management base of quality of system, tamp, hold to innovation mechanism, strict raw material accuse, with overall quality management is aided promote development of company high quality. Strengthen conduct propaganda to teach, promotion quality awareness. Attemper through production the form such as plenary meeting of meeting, staff, the respect content such as experience of guiding principle of quality of laws and regulations of law of quality of extensive conduct propaganda, company, quality management, organize employee to join a company contest of knowledge of overall quality management, popularize overall quality to manage ABC, build “ actively complete an attention quality, good atmosphere that takes quality ” seriously. Pledge through developing a product the quantity grooms, enhance quality management consciousness, collect rationalize extensively to suggest, stimulative job is efficient finish. Begin systematic evaluation, optimize administrative system. Insist to build quality management system the job to serve as a major task, be evaluated through management and group of expert of orgnaization of tripartite evaluation is right examine and verify of company system attestation, suitabiltiy, sufficient to running a system sex and effectiveness have comprehensive opinion, ceaseless discovery problem, find out reason, perfect improve, coach at the same time and dog improve an activity, ensure quality system is effective move and improve continuously. Focusing process manages, tamper essence measures a base. In the light of inside careful, outside the quality weak point that give is exposed in careful and of all kinds and professional examination, draw inferences about other cases from one instance is caught rectify and reform, tamper essence measures a base. Producing technical management to go up, combinative production is actual, optimize systematic parameter, optimize a process to control government further, real time monitoring and key pay close attention to each data that uses opposite of system of MES, DCS to produce process technology index, essence of life allows a canal to accuse, elaborate operation, smooth production, craft parameter control is inside actor limits, promote a product quality. Hold to innovation mechanism, build innovation atmosphere. Urge quality government with all one's strength (QC) group activity, development develops activity of ” of “ quality month, the weak point in the job mixes base oneself upon to treat settlement problem urgently, take effective measures to arouse employee ability of own innovation consciousness, innovation and innovation vigor, develop activity of quality of of a mass character, promote craftsman spirit energetically, the gain that stimulative innovation manages is changed, advance improvement in quality and innovation. Strict raw material is controlled, good quality fountainhead. Be opposite to satisfy chloric alkaline production demand of high quality crude salt, avoid crude salt purchases a risk, build crude salt to purchase an atlas, the producing area that does not amount to mark crude salt and high quality crude salt to quality undertakes tagging, formed crude salt to purchase black, white list. Perfect continuously purchase a system, check and accept duty clearly, the standard purchases a program, edit perfect " Yuan Fucai makings manages detailed rules " " unqualified Yuan Fucai expects administrative detailed rules and regulations " , father to expect Yuan Fucai customs examination of sampling, check, the quality that enhances raw auxiliary material further is supervised. The company grows, quality go ahead of the rest. The company will combine construction of high-quality goods culture, search actively short board, strong weak sports, with quality casting high-quality goods, with high-quality goods strong quality, canal of ceaseless promotion quality controls a standard, promote development of company high quality continuously.

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15-18 December

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