On January 20, 2022, shandong province government was released " saved major project list 2022 " , included saved major executive category to look 2022 449, saved great preparation category to look 2022 151. After Shandong province already became afterwards Jiangsu and Anhui, industry of domestic epoxy resin focuses the land basically, industrial development is swift and violent related epoxy resin. Shandong saved major project 2022 in, including 10 thousand China, source of Lu Xi, heart, Yantai east change wait for many epoxy resin and project of double phenolic A, specific as follows:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
10 thousand China chemical group Inc. produces per year project of   of   of project of unifinication of 480 thousand tons of double phenolic A to be located in Shandong to visit Yantai town 10 thousand China Yantai industry garden, build 530 thousand tons / year product line of different third benzene, 650 thousand tons / year phenol acetone product line mixes 2 240 thousand tons / year product line of double phenolic A, and public project and support features. Advocate device introduces international advanced engineering technology, after building, can optimize further use resource of garden area propylene, increase 10 thousand China the competition ability of chemical polycarbonate industry. The project predicts to be handed in in the implementation in 2022, the put into production end 2022. Yantai east change new material limited company to arrange anhydride and project of   of project of project of special type colophony to be located in inside area of garden of Yantai chemical industry, always invest 2.55 billion yuan, include to arrange lever and special type colophony two kinds of big products, suitable lever is 100 thousand tons / year unit of the production that arrange lever, special type colophony includes 5000 tons / year workshop of epoxy resin of functional special type reachs 8680 tons / year fat annulus a group of things with common features workshop of series epoxy resin. Inc. of group of Lu Xi chemical industry 1.2 million tons / year project of double phenolic A (first phase) (produce per year product of double phenolic A 600 thousand tons) limited company of science and technology of oxygen of annulus of Shandong heart source 180 thousand tons / year epoxy resin of special type of purity of freeboard of electric sub level

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