On Feburary 25, shandong province holds major December 2022 project to concentrate start working activity, 900 major projects center start working construction. Center the major project of start working, radiation drives action strong. Shandong collects advantage element resource, drive with all one's strength economy realizes ” of “ make a good beginning first quarter. The project that centralizes go into operation today has 900, cent upgrades for the industry confluence of safeguard of the people's livelihood of infrastructure of 7 nets ” , society, platform builds development, “ 4 kinds big, always invest 734.5 billion yuan, annual plan completes investment 231.7 billion yuan. Follow the principle that the project walks along according to element, each city also will concentrate advantage resource, project of join forces assault fortified positions is built.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The Hua Luheng that place of heart state branch is in lifts upright dissolvent reachs nylon project of new material of 66 high end, always invest 4.1 billion yuan, the product is used at the domain such as material of batteries of new energy resources, high strenth, have technology of home's banner own research and development, next year the project was cast entirely in March postpartum, will add sales revenue newly to exceed one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan, company sale gross income can break through 35 billion yuan, bring cravat to use whole town new data group of industry of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class develops. Will see Hua Luheng promote two projects below specific construction content: 1. High-end dissolvent project builds a place: The city zone of heart of city of state of Shandong province heart Tian Quxi road 24, shandong Hua Luheng rises chemical Inc. to have plant area. Build content: With oxalic acid 2 armour ester is raw material, build 600 thousand tons / year carbonic acid device of 2 armour ester; With carbonic acid 2 armour ester and alcohol are raw material, build 300 thousand tons / year unit of grease of second of carbonic acid armour, deputy produce 50 thousand tons / year carbonic acid 2 second ester, public project, support features and establishment of safe environmental protection are corresponding form a complete set. After building go into operation, produce per year carbonic acid 2 armour ester 300 thousand tons, fat of second of carbonic acid armour 300 thousand tons, year deputy produce carbonic acid 2 second ester 50 thousand tons. 2. Ground of construction of project of new material of 66 high end nods nylon: Be located in Shandong to save Hua Luheng of Shandong of heart state city to rise chemical Inc. always invest inside existing garden area: Three billion one hundred and sixty-eight million three hundred and forty thousand yuan build content: Build 2 40 thousand tons / year nylon 66 device, 1 200 thousand tons / year oneself 2 acerbity device, 1 40 thousand tons / year oneself 2 amine device, 1 360 thousand tons / year nitric acid device, with annulus 2 nitrile are personal alcohol, hydric, liquefied ammonia, oneself raw material classics oneself 2 acid, oneself 2 amine, produce nylon eventually 66. Build at the same time to it of the raw material of form a complete set and product store public project and transport facilities, auxiliary production facilities, environmental protection establishment. Establishment of the public project such as partial water, report, gas and support features, environmental protection relies on a company to have. Liquefied ammonia of fundamental raw material, hydric, annulus personal alcohol has unit by the company self-sufficient. Eventually the product is 80 thousand tons / year nylon 66, 148 thousand tons / year oneself 2 acid. As we have learned, oneself 2 nitrile are homebred change ignited downstream nylon 66 investment are enthusiastic, night of the homebred a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness that change goosefoot, end by Feburary, downstream many tons of 530 nylon 66 produce can already sadly start off, 2022 domestic nylon 66 begin to enter enlarge can period. Did not come two years, new entered nylon 66 produce still can meet increase, notable is, enter nylon this 66 circuit, have the chemical company that has raw material, have have an insight into the nylon of demand 66 modified enterprise, each sth used to one's own advantage that traditional chemical fibber business waits, adoption aggregate technology has successive way already, also have intermittent type, prospective nylon 66 will enter circuit of applied setting, unifinication, zoology from single product. Rise new money newspaper additionally to show according to Hua Luheng, the company predicts vest in appeared on the market 2021 the net gain of company shareholder reachs 7.5 billion yuan 7 billion yuan, grow 289.32% to arrive compared to the same period 317.13% . Inside report period, suffer the effect of a lot of element such as market supply and demand, bearing of situation of trade of domestic chemical industry is taller, dominant product value has bigger growth compared to the same period; Although price of raw material of 3 quarters later period rises considerably, but the company is timely adjust product structure, realized production device is stable and efficient move, management outstanding achievement comes true compared to the same period bigger rise.

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