On June 2 morning, limited company of Tai Longji science and technology signed government of the city zone of Jinan city all previous and country Shandong Jinan one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two course are advanced composite material and carbon of Shandong of “ of area of advanced production assemble agreement of cooperation of ” project strategy;

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
“ Shandong carbon ” project plans to construct scale of an our country big, level is high, give priority to with carbon fiber and its composite material problem and with light quantify intelligence to make the “ that is characteristic of carbon fiber ” , after project building, will great aid push wisdom strong area ” builds the city that make one by one and modernization of the eastpart part of “ provincial capital, enhance the actual strength of science and technology of domain of our country new and high material greatly, affect composition of our country material, promote our country material the standard, drive the development of industry of our country new and high data, promotion low end is produced can, implementation high end is produced can dimensions is changed, end our country to turn the history that produces product of high-powered carbon fiber without dimensions thereby. Jinan had carbon fiber, not only can low end is general in integral promotion manufacturing industry level, develop high-end manufacturing industry, accurate manufacturing industry and most advanced manufacturing industry then, fill neat industry cable length is short board, raise industrial basis capability and industrial catenary level; Can enhance competition ability of market of high end of the Red Sea not only, in advance creates new requirement, be extended then and grab space of market of La Haifei competition, upland of occupational manufacturing industry.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In the meantime, all previous the city zone and in in proposing the agreement that 3 bureaus sign, make clear, act on the principle with complementary advantage, both sides will build the respect such as construction of construction, infrastructure to begin in the room all-around collaboration, cooperative content includes the field such as the construction of safeguard room project inside limits of area under administration of all previous the city zone, infrastructure construction. The subscription of agreement of this strategy cooperation, indicate collaboration of move politics look forward to steps materiality pace, have far-reaching strategic sense, it is the real operation that high quality of stimulative economy society expands, it is bilateral advantage the real move of win-win of complementary, collaboration, be development of collaboration of double direction deep administrative levels, much territory is good and germinant. Lightning journalist Duan Jiaqi report

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