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Shandong all fan installation completes project of maritime wind cable

On November 28, as hind the 3rd lamina and hub essence allow fan of maritime intelligence of EN-161/5.2MW of the sources of energy of a distant view butt joint, shandong Hua Nengshan of —— of project of maritime wind cable east full installation completes project of cable of 4 maritime wind austral the peninsula, a batch of fan are entered after and net phase. After project building, can provide clean electric energy every year 820 million kilowatt hour, economic award coal 253 thousand tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge 556 thousand tons, the implementation that saves transition of the sources of energy and 0 carbon cause to Shandong has important sense. Since this year, hua Nengshan east strategy of ” of double carbon of “ of travel of company active carry out, accelerate transition of green low carbon, regard the “ Ⅰ date this year as project ” project of cable of 4 maritime wind austral the peninsula, the force that starts entire company is accelerated advance. During, in coordination each ginseng such as distant view the sources of energy builds an unit to overcome equipment of shortage of boat engine resource, fan to offer goods insecurity, sea condition abominable, epidemic situation relapses wait for a lot of difficulty, hold to profit of “ standardization, standardization, seed to turn ” management, adopt “ measure of construction of ” of case of one machine one party, the goods and materials that builds “ all to prepare unified and intensive, efficient ” supplies a system, finish each big project node safe and efficiently, run eye of item of expenditure builds acceleration. This year on January 4, heavy stake of stake of steel tube of foundation of fan of the root that finish on May 9, hoisting of the fan on Taiwan Strait of province of the Shandong that finish on August 28, finish hoisting of station of maritime step up on September 12, approve EN-161/5.2MW of distant view the sources of energy maritime intelligence fan succeeds and net, give out Shandong province to spend maritime wind report on November 15, complete heavy stake of all fan foundation on November 28, finish project of   of   of all fan hoisting to come true in those days start working, in those days put into production, achieve Shandong to save “ of maritime wind report approve, start working, generate electricity the multinomial record such as ” . Already completed 40 typhoons engine at present and net, the electricenergy production that finish 51.55 million kilowatt hour. This project is home wind, smooth, store the project of maritime wind cable that uses integratedly, install 301.6MW of aircraft total capacity, install fan of maritime intelligence of EN-161/5.2MW of the sources of energy of 58 distant view. In construction, creativity ground carries out ” of whole of maritime fan “ to install, second implementation is maritime step up station is produced change; Second use boat of odd floating crane 4 advocate the hook cooperates to carry method of picket, construction searching pile, created single ship group 14 days to complete heavy stake of construction of 8 single stake, only month 13 new records, with the type for home project of maritime wind cable is built accumulated valuable experience.

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