Recently, the 10 thousand heyday that by seaside group of the development that enrol business introduces produce unifinication of new material of sex of three hundred and nineteen thousand three hundred tons of function to produce a project to be under construction on full steam construction, strive to finish earth to build construction and equipment installation ahead of schedule, ensure the project builds go into operation as scheduled. The reporter is in Shandong point of entry of project building site sees 10 thousand Chengxin data, workers are beginning the fundamental construction such as plastics of reinforcing steel bar to work, whole process is sleek.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Unifinication of new material of sex of limited company function produces 10 thousand Chengxin material of Shandong base project fastens Zhejiang of enterprise of fire retardant bibcock by big phosphor 10 thousand fill Inc. to invest construction, always invest 4 billion yuan, cover an area of about 1000 mus. Among them, first phase project invests 2.25 billion yuan, cover an area of 600 mus, total floor area makes an appointment with 290 thousand square metre. Epoxy resin of high end of green of plan and construction and auxiliary 100 thousand tons, raw material of fire retardant of for private use 70 thousand tons, green polyurethane fire retardant 70 thousand tons, green project is plastic fire retardant 50 thousand tons, exterior activator wait for a product twenty-nine thousand three hundred tons. “ project first phase predicts in June 2023 portion put into production, monomer construction is in finish entirely before the end of the year this year, after the project builds go into operation entirely, predict to be able to come true year all sales revenue 7.3 billion yuan, year all taxation exceeds 300 million yuan, obtain employment dimensions is in 500 people above. Capital construction of 10 thousand Chengxin data limited company manage department manager Ou Yangchun to tell a reporter, this project still can change group chloride industry to realize height with the sea complementary, aid region of seaside of the lane that push Wei assemble of group of industry of new material of chemical industry of ocean of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class develops. Accelerate construction to ensure a project, seaside enrols business to develop a group to introduce an unit as the project, time held water only class, bag of person specially assigned for a task relies on a service, ensure project quick start, fast construction, fast put into production with all one's strength. “ is made an appointment with in project autograph later, bag of person specially assigned for a task of accreditation of the group that enrol business relies on a service, follow-up of whole technological process, in garden area, classics hair, land plans, still the area examines and approve the service center main support that is in charge of a branch to fall, the project approving of the project, annulus is judged, how to judge, can be judged and the relevant formalities such as land construction already was dealt with finish, the start working that assured a project with all one's strength builds success.

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