Specific as follows: 1, waterproof and moistureproof particieboard, medium now fine board is furniture basically uses material, but because they are not waterproof, only moistureproof, defend bath board to use especially in ambry on, make customer worried unceasingly, and avoid lacquer to give birth to voice board base material to use waterproof solid board, as it happens remedied this flaw. 2, the strength that grasp a hammer is good avoid lacquer to give birth to voice board itself to grasp a hammer force comparing particieboard, medium fine board is much stronger, in the use of furniture, once particieboard, medium someplace of fine board furniture became bad very difficult rehabilitate, especially office drawer is bad, cannot repair, and if avoid lacquer to give birth to voice board furniture a certain place is bad, oneself start work immediately can repair. 3, the save labour when the province now of domestic decorate with stick face plate it is on carpentry board, brush paint in the surface even, not only cost is high, and very difficult environmental protection, decorate, need ability of very long period of time to be entered, and avoid lacquer to give birth to voice board to do good furniture to drink after decorating, can enter directly, economic cost and shorten greatly time. 4, E0 more environmental protection zoology the environmental protection standard of board E0 more let consumer be at ease, what most now furniture uses is medium fine board, particieboard can achieve E1 only more very much even E2 standard, some asks with respect to short of environmental protection at all even, the requirement of this and environmental protection of requirement of whole now society is antipathetic. 5, accord with in the swim because common people likes real wood furniture very much, and particieboard, medium fine board is reworked material, the furniture that makes does not suit the client's choice more and more. And use the furniture that avoids lacquer to give birth to voice board to make to individualize, accord with tendency of the market, can contented consumer is gone after to what savour.

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