On June 21, distant view the sources of energy and company of China report Shaanxi sign strategic cooperation agreement, both sides general is used in development of natural resources of new energy resources, Chu Nengli, hydrogen can begin thorough collaboration with the respect such as innovation of science and technology, province of the Shaanxi that help strength develops the economic system that perfect green low carbon circulates, realize carbon to neutralize a goal at an early date. Heart of Li Jiang of secretary of Party committee of company of China report Shaanxi, executive trustee, tian Qingjun of senior vice president attends the sources of energy of Wang Yi of vice secretary of general manager, Party committee, distant view the autograph arranges a ceremony. Yan Xinrong of chairman of vise general manager of company of China report Shaanxi, union and client of strategy of distant view the sources of energy group the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of general manager week represents bilateral autograph to make an appointment with. Shaanxi province is fossil energy production and consumptive large family, 945 ” of its “ plan to point out, structure of structure of industry of “ complete province, the sources of energy and carbon amount to peak, carbon to counteract the job not to suit. The 6 big high cost that ” includes smelt of petrifaction treatment, metal, electric power to be produced inside can the industry is integrated specific power consumption is 0.4 taller than the level percent, electricenergy production of electricity of fire of dimensions above industry is occupied than be as high as 88.2% . Tian Qingjun of senior vice president expresses distant view the sources of energy, distant view serves as also be exclusive can offer wisdom view store the enterprise of science and technology of solution of technology of catenary of green energy entire industry, drive wind report and Chu Nengcheng to be ” of “ new coal continuously, dynamical cell and hydrogenous fuel become ” of “ new oil, net of couplet of intelligent other people becomes ” of “ new electrified wire netting. The cooperative space of distant view and company of China report Shaanxi is vast, will use high grade technology, product and service to become Shaanxi to save reliable 0 carbon technology jointly companionate. Company of China report Shaanxi held water 2009, it is the wholy-owned subsidiary of limited company of China cable group, be in charge of company of China cable group in the round the development of project of etc of the electric power inside Shaanxi area, new energy resources, construction and operation job, be in charge of the harmony of coal industry. Li Jiang heart represents secretary of Party committee of company of China report Shaanxi, executive trustee, distant view the sources of energy is company of well-known green energy science and technology, hope bilateral advantage is complementary, the “ that pushs company of China report Shaanxi with all one's strength does poineering work 2 times ” , in technology of new energy resources, store can wait for a respect to deepen collaboration, solid drive transition of low carbon of Shaanxi area green. It is reported, china cable group and distant view already developed project of cable of wind of more than 1 million kilowatt in area of middle east south, future will begin more strategy cooperate, make new energy resources is reached store can the technology makes local economy new the engine that round of high quality develops.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City