Maritime wind report already entered fast dimensions to change development level, electric field of high capacity wind receives electrified wire netting centrally, friendly function put forward the electrified wire netting to group of wind electric machinery and wind electric field to ask higher. Pass through besides voltage of groovy on any account, voltage deviation and capricious be able to bear or endure suffer deviation of gender, frequency, harmonic to be able to bear or endure get gender, tension lopsided be able to bear or endure outside sufferring a gender, to maintain the stability of electrified wire netting, wave motion that prevents mains frequency and voltage, it is very important that wind machines and tools participates in transient of electrified wire netting actively to move energy-saving force fully. Accordingly, released 2018 " adaptability of electrified wire netting of GB/T 36994-2018 wind- driven generation set checks regulations " reach a newspaper to approve edition " wind electric field receives power system technology to stipulate land of the 1st part is windward report (edit) (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " in clear and wind- driven generation set needs to have inertia to answer reach. Be based on afore-mentioned circumstances, to satisfy requirement of electrified wire netting, promote set and netizen good sex, ming Yangzhi can be right aircrew each and the net tests strict requirement, and standard of demand of prep above trade. Near future Ming Yangzhi can combine electric division courtyard to finish MySE8.X smoothly the voltage of on any account of maritime aircrew passes through reach adaptability of electrified wire netting to check. Among them, test of adaptability of electrified wire netting shows as a result, answer speed to satisfy standard requirement not only, and answer deviation ≤1%Pn, far 2% what be less than standard requirement, had achieved international banner level, the technology that proved unit of intelligence of bright this world is advanced quality. In addition, make the progress of hydrogenous technology to support report of follow-up and maritime wind, a wind cable unit that Ming Yangzhi can award at obtaining DNV GL in October 2019 is black certificate of attestation of the type that start, this technology is one of crucial technologies that maritime wind report makes hydrogenous Gu net move. In the meantime, the stability problem after be being received to answer large-scale wind phone, ming Yangzhi can cooperate actively with converter manufacturer, begin use the compose net that gets used to technology of voltage source convertor oneself wind- driven generation set and the development of net technology, aim to reduce maritime wind report to send the cost of a system. This second acquire complete set and of network test certificate is series of Ming Yang MySE8.X MW fight a typhoon maritime aircrew, wait for high wind speed for Fujian, taiwan strait, have typhonic risk area custom-built change research and development, it is Ming Yangzhi the can independent research and development, product that masters core science and technology independently. Up to now, ming Yangzhi can rely on Yu Chao compact the congenital advantage that course of technology of half straight drive covers with tiles in big sign unit research and development creates a field, roll out MySE5.5-7.0MW, MySE8-10MW, MySE11-203 early or late maritime big unit, lead big ” of “ of maritime wind report to be somewhat ceaselessly. Build business and provider of solution of whole of clean the sources of energy as banner wind mechanism, intelligence of bright this world also will drive big unit technology innovate continuously, to promote maritime wind report cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS is reduced, marine economy and development of high quality of maritime wind cable make due contribution, counteract for carbon with carbon the target that amount to a peak provides active power.

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