Come thousands of years, the mankind improves shipping technology and project in effort all the time, but the exploration that carbon fiber industry may let we are unending stops, can use carbon fiber data all the time later. Why should test prototype with carbon fiber? Obtain enlightenment from inside ship line of business. Intensity   is in wide water area, jack-tar people the energy that the hope ensures the boat can bear to change ceaselessly. Carbon fiber creates the shear strength that ensures carbon fiber composite material has fine, tensile strength and compressive strength. This is very marvellous to shipping industry, but the carbon fiber prototype that suits you more shapes. Durable sex   and lumber and aluminium are different, carbon fiber offers wear and won't degrade. According to the humidity of weather condition and lumber, lumber has the tendency that expand and contracts. As the elapse of time, because oxidize,aluminium is met and corrode, and appear easily dent. On the other hand, aluminium of carbon fiber unlike is corroded in that way, compound product ensures it can bear all sorts of obstacles, include heat-resisting and weatherability. If you hope the carbon fiber that checks you in the light of metallic substitute is archetypal, this is a precious character. What is the good part in products plan of carbon fiber of lightweight application   ? Its weight is light, have sclerotic metal (like steel) all intensity and durable sex. Carbon fiber compares the thread of a spider web only a bit wider, their matrix design provided all strength, and without other metal substitute (be like aluminium and steel) weight. The beehive design of carbon fiber line ensures matrix can keep rigid below pressure. This makes its application applies to all sorts of prototype, no matter you are,want to make custom-built carbon fiber composite material make new product completely still. Structural carbon fiber can ensure the integrality of your structure and service life. Use carbon fiber, the ship can improve fuel efficiency, prolong service life, raise the rate of open water area. If carbon fiber can be ship line of business to provide so many help, what can when falling to design carbon fiber prototype when you, the imagination do. Shipbuilding industry accepts the order the quantity is successive 3 years the 2nd, 7 years, market prospect but period; Shipping and marine project are carbon of Da Feng of implementation “ carbon to neutralize goal of ” double carbon, to light quantify, 0 discharge, new fuel boat design and application have pressing demand, demand is here medium, composite material is hasten of applied tide place. Reason this, implement 945 programs to be carried out in the round, the shipping that help strength and marine project finish the historic job of double carbon target, study communicates craft of the advanced technique of composite material of domestic and international shipping and goods, forward position and tendency of the market, guild of fishing gear of plane of fishing of fisher of branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild, Guangdong and answer ability network is on March 2022 27-29 day in Guangdong? Zhuhai sponsors “2022 shipping composite material to apply · of new material of height forum and new technology · jointly site of new application plant demonstrates meeting ” , the expert scholar deepness that invites shipping and marine project discusses communication new vessel, new material, new application. This second forum theme is " shipping quantifies " as gently as marine project. Forum will make trade report by secretary-general of branch of a light boat of boat of shipping industry guild, invite famous boat look forward to scholar of expert of place of courtyard of technologist, scientific research makes professional report, make delegate attending the meeting understands this domain composite material objectively to use the current situation deep, say a technology, talk about application, analyse market, compose builds ” of market of terminal of — of equipment of — of goods of — of material of a “ not to have the entire industry catenary that seams a butt joint to optimize platform. The achievement of scientific research of goods of partial composite material that forum still plans to reveal school of domestic scientific research, build case grind produce butt joint platform, be helpful for an enterprise carrying a design on the head to reach adjust a program, produce composite material and product advantage, help the prosperous development that promotes shipping and marine project. In the meantime, starfish houseboat group still sees arrangement during forum, inferior Inc. of group of optical science and technology (original name: Sunbird houseboat Inc. ) wait for 4 enterprises, a light boat of spot study boat composite material workmanship. Invite sincerely expert of domain of domestic and international composite material, scholar, entrepreneur and industry colleague to arrive at congress, conspire answer material new tomorrow. Sponsor unit   composite material website   of of guild of fishing gear of plane of fishing of fisher of Guangdong of   of branch of a light boat of boat of guild of   shipping industry assist do   of group of houseboat of unit   sea star inferior Inc. of group of optical science and technology (original name: Sunbird houseboat Inc. ) current situation of shipping of   of   congress topic for discussion and application of composite material market and   of prospective development direction combine material the advantage in strategy of shipping double carbon and case analysis   exceed 40 Mi Yunwei boats research and development of composite material technology and difficulty tackle key problem   , " yacht estate " magazine chief editor, pursue yacht industry research for a long time. Report title: The current situation of yacht estate reachs outline of report of development trend   : 1. The definition of houseboat and   of industrial catenary   2.   of   of yacht industry current situation 3.   of   of current situation of industry of European Union yacht 4.   of   of current situation of Italian yacht industry 5.   of   of current situation of American yacht industry 6. Group of houseboat of sea star of   of visiting enterprise of yacht industry current situation and trend   (Heysea Yachts Groups)   headquarters is set in Hong Kong, manufacturing radical position is met newly at be located in river retail sales area, father and administrative layer have nearly 20 years of professional houseboat to make experience, have an outstanding research and development to design a group to reach gather together canal of the quality control of rich experience, craft accuses and the team of skilled major skilled worker. Company business advocate large houseboat reachs caique in battalion research and development, design and production, next products basically divide the banner to reach caique for houseboat, super houseboat 3 big board piece, get on international new science and technology and fashionable element apply quickly on boat a light boat, those who bring the character experience that ship-owner craftsmanship has alone and maritime nobility way of life is cheerful enjoy. Starfish has powerful research and development, design to reach build capacity, individuation is custom-built in large houseboat, it is domestic home achieves ship's classification society (CCS) the manufacturer of houseboat model attestation, have rich Italian ship's classification society (experience of attestation of RINA) attestation, CE attestation, Hong Kong maritime arrange. Inferior Inc. of group of optical science and technology (original name: Sunbird houseboat Inc. )   devotes oneself to hi-tech marine electron, marine the research and development of equipment and its product, design, production. It is provider of solution of system of a light boat of boat of radar of war industry electron, microwave, intelligence. The company registers capital 600 million yuan, have Zhuhai of Hunan Changsha, Guangdong and Sichuan Chengdu area of 3 industry garden, company staff number 2500 people. Product of a light boat of sunbird intelligence boat shares 3 old series: Special type a light boat (from 10m-80m) 20 norms, 30 kinds of model; Business uses a light boat (from 10m-90m) 20 norms, 50 kinds of model; Houseboat (from 6m-60m) 30 kinds of norms, 60 kinds of model. Product sale enclothes 32 provinces, it is among them China provide product and service for the well-known company such as electric equipment of power of company, division. Company own brand enters an international market successfully already, exit comes the United States, England, Italy, Spain, Australia, southeast Asia, middle east and Africa and America with the area. Plan to invite join   of meeting unit   1. Shipbuilding industry and   of   of wind phone company 2. Business of production of goods of domestic and international composite material and   of   of unit of composite material design 3. Domestic and international composite material produces supplier     4. Tool of application of domestic and international composite material and equipment supplier     5. Program of   of place of courtyard of scientific research of shipping composite material arranges     on March 27     (Sunday)     13:00-21:00   congress reports, butt joint communication. On March 28     (on Monday)   congress that day     09:00-12:014:0 of 0    0-18:019:0 of 0    0-21:0Market of composite material of 0   shipping analyses a report. Use a report shipping new material, new technology, newly. Welcome late banquet, business affairs negotiates. On March 29     (Tuesday)     08:30-15:00   sees a company, the problem that in be being produced actually in the light of answer timber plant, encounters spreads out discuss. Time / place   time: Ground of —29 day   nodded on March 27, 2022: Item   meeting Wu expends member of network of standard   answer ability related Guangdong Zhuhai   : 3000 yuan / person,   of   of person of blame member 3800/ (contain pass of data of all and relevant conference, conference and conference have dinner) . Note: Accommodation unites arrangement by meeting Wu group, charge provides for oneself. Meeting Wu cost presses a requirement to be collected ahead of schedule please assign account, meeting Wu group is centralized open bill, data of make out an invoice sends mailbox please: [email protected]   means signing up

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