China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph sketch map of principle of job of 1   VHAM.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Graph the device of VAM of analyse of 2 traditions layer and screw type VAM and contrast of the bulk that print.

Bulk adds material to make a technology (Volumetric Additive Manufacturing, VAM) can make complex and three-dimensional object quickly with extremely low cost, brought unprecedented development and change to be based on smooth 3D to print a technology, drew the wide attention of the much territory such as aerospace and biology medical treatment.

In the process that print, benefit maneuver calculates axial photoetching technology (Computed Axial Lithography, CAL) , turn target 3D object the 2D smooth design that is different way, carry parts of an apparatus or appliance of digital small lens (Digital Micromirror Device, DMD) smooth design of will dynamic 2D is accumulated from resinite of photosensitive of liquid of many angle illuminate, receive prep above when the element of all target body inside the liquid when the illuminate dosage of this threshold value, realize the smooth solidify of three-dimensional to the target object.

The near future, the group of Professor Christophe Moser that comes from technical institute of Swiss Luo Sang is in Light: Advanced Manufacturing published a problem to be the research paper of “Volumetric Helical Additive Manufacturing” .

In article, researcher put forward a kind the method that magnifying screw type bulk comes true to add material to create centimeter of level structure below projection drawing case, the height that raised effectively to be able to print an object (3 times) , pass deviate of center of umbriferous smooth design design general can print an object transverse dimension enlarges 2 times, realized pair of big objects finally (3cm×3cm×5cm) , fine detail (650μm) print quickly (< 10min) .

If the graph is shown 1 times, researcher was united in wedlock to rotate to move with linear translation in the VAM process that print, will contain setting of pyxis of photosensitive resinous glass to move for helix. Print one-time illuminate unlike groovy VAM all colophony area, screw type bulk adds material to make (Volumetric Helical Additive Manufacturing, VHAM) in the process that print, contain bottle of photosensitive resinous glass to be after the screw type motion that passes a complete from bottom to top and from above to below, whole colophony just can be activationed completely. Accordingly, area of a few jackknife exists between design, this can pass those who adjust colophony bottle to rotate speed undertakes fine tuning with getting used to the perpendicular motion of translation phase, what print an object in order to ensure is successional.

In layer analyse VAM, optical resolution decided to be able to print the dimension of body element, this is decided by the DMD that is used at producing design to change smooth field normally. In this job, study the group used the DLP7000 chip of heart state apparatus, its surface has 768×1024 miniature mirror, arrange to be able to display the rectangular array that 8 bitmap resemble. Researcher DMD zoom 1.66 times, the design of 2D smooth field that gets on colophony bottle dimension is 23μm for 1.74cm×2.33cm, resolution finally.

Further, researcher still proved with the experiment through emulating contrail of use screw type moves sample around beam of light methodological feasibility. In this process, through making optical axis opposite the runner shaft coming back at photosensitive colophony bucket is centrifugal, can will transverse can print dimension double and do not affect resolution.

Adopt two kinds of methods of above, the is used at VAM to make form inside colophony bottle builds an amount to be able to increase 12 times at most, the largest size can be printed to be the large object of 3cm×3cm×5cm inside a few minutes.

The place on put together is narrated, the group puts forward and test and verify bulk of a kind of new-style screw type prints a technology, its can be used at making the object of centimeter of dimension quickly. This technology is on the foundation of layer analyse VAM undertook expanding, change edge of beam of light in design through making smooth modulator centrifugal perpendicular direction is successive translation colophony, below the circumstance that prints resolution in not quite big impact, increased to be able to print the amount of body element significantly, if pursue,2 are shown. In the meantime, these expand simply OK and relaxed compatible and existing layer analyse VAM prints equipment, this is made for high resolution and high speed had structure of centimeter of class large size to offer new possibility.

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