By in south limited company of science and technology of golden hair of ethical university, Wuhan project university, Wuhan, Wuhan overspends change what the collaboration such as limited company of colophony science and technology finishs to overspend influence polyester preparation high-powered car uses a rope for towing a boat of plastic — Bo technology of composite material key realizes industrialization, fill car of neat our country is small quantify technical weak point board, 6 products get the international attestation such as REACH, RoHS, integral technology index amounts to international advanced level, also obtained 2021 year oil and technology of chemical Joint Industry Conference to invent first prize recently accordingly. The car is small quantify what the main strategy that already made and automobile industry can grow continuously to need the road of classics, plastic composite material reachs the high strenth that urgent need integral performance is close to a car to use metallic data light quantify crucial technology. However, its core raw material and crucial technology by forestall of foreign company place, affected the international competition ability of industry of our country automobile badly. For this, this project is aimed at high strenth plastic composite material and light the significant demand that quantifies crucial technology, in science foundation, 3551 light cereal talent plans to wait for project support to fall, system of group of research and development is begun overspend change project of — of technology of key of — of theory of polymer “ foundation to turn application research of ” innovation catenary, the invention overspends the series synthesis method that changes polyester and car use high strength fine of plastic — Bo technology of composite material key, implementation is homebred change, build 3 demonstrative product line, the product is in new material of fair science and technology, times, medium wide nucleus car of handsome Er, east wind, on the famous skeleton business such as car of dragon of steam, god applies extensively. As we have learned, this technology achievement applies for to invent 51, obtain invention authorization 30, practical and new-style accredit 8, form those who have complete and own intellectual property group, level of leading formulate group 4, publish research paper 40, ginseng write treatise 2. This technology increases production value newly nearly 3 years 3.307 billion yuan, increase profit newly 225 million yuan, the progress of science and technology that promoted industry of our country automobile and industry upgrade, rose to lead demonstrative action, drove social obtain employment, the harmony that promoted economy, society and zoology develops.

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15-18 December

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