ERplanks pulls crowded profile to be open up of wind energy industry new approach, it includes those who use production of system of new-style mixture colophony is big bundle of carbon fiber, have reliable function, tall productivity and low percent defective. The series of makings of fiber base material that is used at composite material in wind energy industry to enhance its, sataikesi / Saertex (Sa Erbei overcomes Germany) will roll out new product line in May this year. The blame that pulls SAERplanks of crowded profile product line newly to be additional firm the part of alar bridge cap inside wind report lamina to offer is curly glass and carbon fiber fabric. In exhibit on the meeting, this firm will increase material in what have carbon fiber increases to pull crowded board in range of products. Relevant personnel expresses: “ new product pulls those who squeeze profile SAERplanks to appear on the market will offer brand-new opportunity for us, in order to strengthen our client the innovation activity in wind energy industry. This makes we can cross technical ground to provide valid data, in order to get used to the client's requirement. ”In recent years, this company is developing the in-house engineering capability of innovation actively all the time, in order to make intensity and stiffness taller draw crowded profile. Headquarters throws the Saertesi that product line predicts to overcome Sa Erbei of Yu Deguo of v/arc be on the throne very quickly operation. SAERplanks is based on use new-style pull crowded shape what craft produces is big bundle of carbon fiber, saertex says this craft is based on traditional colophony bath no longer. “SAERplanks has two outstanding characteristics. On one hand, we carbon fiber and Switzerland of AOC Resins [Shafuhaosen] the photograph of system of new-style mixture colophony of joint development is united in wedlock. On the other hand, we built a kind to be based on close the innovation workmanship of colophony perfusion system, in order to improve productivity, personnel says related ” . “ for the client to us, with at present the product photograph on the market is compared, this new technology offerred a kind of production methods that can last more, and stabler quality. ”What Saertex uses at producing its SAERplanks product line is new-style pull crowded shape the colophony bath that craft is based on a tradition no longer. The AOC of high-powered mixture colophony that develops for Saertex only can satisfy the requirement of pair of reliable function, tall productivity and low percent defective. Develop iteration and proper experimental design through many second product, the expert report that comes from Saertex and AOC says, they can have optimized colophony composition and critical process setting. Accordingly, saertex can run its technological process with optimized quality and ground of function dependability constant now. In addition, saertex points out, besides pull newly crowded shape outside range of products, what its use at wind cable industry is one-way (UD) and the development of many axial fabric also will continue and strengthen. For example, this company rolled out the product innovation Easy Drape UD of fibre glass domain nearly, the new-style carbon fiber that still will roll out a kind to apply with Yu Yiliang cap UD material. “ is one-stop shopping is the main component that we provide for the future of resource conservation. The client that it makes we can support us reduces complexity and optimize efficiency, personnel emphasizes saying related ” . “ we are developing main effect —— in this respect in the footmark of 5 continent supplying chain especially dependability and but durative respect. Accordingly, we plan to be SAERplanks investment to increase productivity inside limits. ”

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