Inc. of science and technology of Xinjiang gold wind (next weighing ” of science and technology) Tian Cheng of wholy-owned subsidiary Beijing starts electric limited company together (next weighing that “ Tian Cheng achieves ” together) carry new product and core technology solution to appear, attracted the expert inside course of study and store can the attention of the market. Golden wind science and technology was released store can innovate product —— is modular store can Energy Brick of machine of an organic whole. Energy Brick uses design of outdoors unifinication of All In One, compositive and all store can system child component, at the same time inside buy EMS energy runs a system and beforehand buy a variety of moving control are politic; Can come true modular fold go all out, support MW class application, individual 400kW/920kWh subsystem (contain converter) cover an area of an area only 8m2; Systematic service life promotes 50% , can amount to 15 years high, lifecycle is smooth change cost per kilowatt hour of the electricity generated by WECS to reduce definitely 50% , it is 0.2 yuan only / KWh. Golden wind science and technology rolls out 15 years at the same time store can the system is delayed defend a plan, be protected character for what the client offers lifecycle of 15 years of Chu Nengquan and function ensures a service. In Energy Brick, profit from is distinctive modular structure of convertor of distributing center type, innovation of golden wind science and technology uses batteries to accept a framework independently, realized tuft batteries to receive a convertor, shed 0 paralell connection continuously, the function of each bunch batteries gets hundred play, removed the cask effect of much batteries paralell connection, deferred the attenuation rate of whole system greatly not only, also change greatly promoted a system security and life. Energy Brick uses direct current on one hand 0 shunt-wound frameworks, without batteries circumfluent, additional on one hand, installation of every bunch batteries is inside an independent outdoors ark, pass flame retardant layer and cabinet put oneself in another's position, realized “ tuft to keep apart ” , possibility reason isolation is inside the cabinet put oneself in another's position of individual independence, put an end to store can a bit breakdown of power station “ , the circumstance of ” of whole station fume arises. Energy Brick installs independent fire extinguishing system inside every cabinet put oneself in another's position, implementation “ tuft ” of one fire control, additional optional match the water immersion type that approves inside course of study at present fire extinguishing system, promote fire control efficiency. The system uses security taller store core of can special report, besides, golden wind science and technology still provides a place difficult of access of responsibility of a third party of high specified number jointly with the partner. Wind store unifinication is emulated + equipment of electric field of control implementation wind moves jointly and actor attempers Jin Feng science and technology has the banner wind inside course of study store ability of unifinication RTDS system simulation, be in especially include 3 north area inside new energy resources is permeated than high area, can avoid the problem such as synchronous oscillation effectively, rise and netizen good sex. Additional, wind store unifinication control can realize fan, store can, the equipment such as SVG moves jointly and optimize attemper, make fan + store can the costly facility that can replace wind electric field to be used technically at stabilizing voltage, reduce wind electric field effectively to run cost thereby; Additional, wind store unifinication control realized millisecond class to answer, can reduce a loss effectively, promotion electricenergy production. Be worth what carry is, rely on electric power of ” of nature's mystery of “ of golden wind science and technology to trade platform, store can can fill can put, can buy the two-way adjustment that what can sell character is able to develop adequately, the implementation when making wind electric field is participating in electric power over-the-counter trading is added close + derogation, make sure client income is changed greatly. Tian Cheng is achieved together fill with me (Shanghai) limited company of science and technology of new energy resources signs strategic cooperation agreement. I fills new energy resources to will rely on Tian Cheng to be achieved together in batteries store systematic research and development, production, can compositive advantage develops new project plan, investment, construction, operation covers an area of inadequacy car of a standard of size store can equipment, release the favour of the person that be visited and market along Heyi? Its are born rear, exploration of more than 10 years accumulates golden wind science and technology result cannot do not have. Be in early 2008, golden wind science and technology had begun store can the exploration of business. 2010, in construction of small network of intelligence of headquarters of science and technology of Beijing gold wind, equipment includes complete vanadium current store can, lithium battery, super capacitance a variety of store can device, for Jin Feng science and technology is begun in the round in the future store can business accumulates the infrequent much sort inside next course of study store can experience. After this is old, golden wind science and technology is in ceaselessly store can the respect such as technology and application begins research and practice, service state report is cast, 3 gorge, big the Tang Dynasty, the numerous client such as group of investment of overhead profit, Shaanxi.    ↑First phase of base of phone of wind of cloth of black orchid examine   of   of demonstrative project of 6 million kilowatt on December 24, 2020, electric machinery of typhoon of demonstrative project of 6 million kilowatt comprises first phase of base of phone of wind of cloth of examine of Wu Lan of —— of project of cable of onshore monomer gale result and the net generates electricity. This project achieves stability of small network of high capacity stand-alone to run new pattern in home, use machine of gale of “ of golden wind science and technology + Xiaochu can the technical program of ” , use store can support a cause as electrified wire netting, drive fan to realize Hei Qi to move.    ↑Demonstrative project of 6 million kilowatt obtains first phase of base of phone of wind of cloth of black orchid examine the 5th international store can innovate contest “2021 store can use award of innovation example TOP10”     in 13 years, golden wind science and technology was participated in store can industry from start the total level that development exploration grows to high speed. Continuance as string of 1000 cash firstly innovate and the concept of hardheaded pursuit dependability, golden wind science and technology will be in security of give attention to two or morethings while, offer quality for the client continuously taller, price lower, function more of actor store can systematic solution, make soft function source aggregate, innovate in all the sources of energy and coexist of harmony of electrified wire netting, the happiness that whole society low carbon develops did not come.

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