Recently, SABIC announces to roll out new live thing base get together ether acyl inferior amine (PEI) colophony combination, offer as congener as the tradition product identical high-powered with machinability, sell with same Ultem brand. As we have learned, these new material are course of study inside of classics attestation but second birth is high-powered amorphous polymer. Use the method of mass balance, every produce resin of 100 kilogram Ultem, SABIC can be used from trash or residual in the fossil raw material that the makings of biology base material of extraction replaces 25.5 kilogram. As replace at present the direct data of Ultem material chooses, the application of the industry that these colophony apply to function of stability of consumptive electron, aerospace, car and other need high temperature, dimension or slashing machinery. Potential market and applied example can include these resinous consumptive electron (can apparel equipment and mobile equipment) , car (the application below engine lid, be like connector, sensor and valve) , aerospace (interior trim, include face plate and adornment) , Medical Protection (operation equipment and disinfection dish) and electric / electron () of 5G network infrastructure. According to ISO14040/14044 agreement, the interior that the general principle that follows lifecycle analysis undertakes is evaluated show, with the existing grade photograph of fossil radical is compared, the biology of SABIC base Ultem colophony reduces the carbolic footmark of material likely 10% . SABIC technology and Greg Stoddard of innovation chief inspector express: The live thing that “ uses in new Ultem material base raw material won't change function character, incorporate long-term high temperature capability among them, be able to bear or endure chemical sex, outstanding machinery and structural character, dimension and hydrolysis stability, outstanding processability and immanent anti-flammability. They can be considered as traditional Ultem colophony or sulphone kind polymer (the comprehensive substitute that is like PSU, PESU and PPSU) . ”Ultem colophony is in biology radical to have supply, europe, Asia-Pacific and North America have area to supply.

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