The research group that comes from Russia Skoltech university studied hydroted alumina and tristearin acerbity zinc serve as additive to be squeezed to pulling shape the influence with the kinetic polymerization in craft, research achievement is published in " composite material magazine " on. Pull to optimize crowded shape craft, the parameter detailed that should decide to produce character to measure eventually to including polymer composition to wait is added think. Among them, processing aid affected colophony solidify deeply kinetic model, if the choice is proper, will conduce to promotion drawing speed, raise manufacturing efficiency and economic benefits thereby. Study the group proves through the experiment, below the help of afore-mentioned additive, the drawing speed of polymer can promote to 1.7 times former. Our composite material and structural lab are devoting oneself to “ to be optimized accordingly help crowded technology, economic benefits rises below the premise that assures quality. ” project group shows.

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