On April 9, 2021, our country launchs a center to will experiment successfully in Taiyuan satellite 6 03 stars blast off enter the space, the satellite is entered smoothly book orbit. The accept rice that should defend starlight to learned systematic gobo surface to use Namike to learn central research and development is compound exceed black coating material, implementation enrages the inhibition of the veiling glare such as light to sun's rays and ground, will raise satellitic light to learn a system to be opposite considerably the exploration ability of dark weak object.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The dark weak signal of system of dimensional satellite optics explores ability and precision to be affected badly by veiling glare, exceed black material smooth absorptivity to rise 1% can the capability that quantitative level land promotes his to restrain veiling glare. Be based on material of carbolic accept rice to be asked for originally attract light and small offer multiple reflex sucks complex structure smooth synergism mechanism, the project that Namike learns a center to develop changes rice of large area accept compound exceed black coating material, ultraviolet - visible - absorptivity of close infra-red limits is as high as 99.6% , the United States with active service domain of the spaceflight before exceeding order, France, Israel is congener product function, absorptance and technical maturity all index of route chart of technology of rice of accept of bureau of space navigation of excel United States; Via independence tripartite detects, satisfied extensive role to absorb in the round, loss of concussion of high frequency vibration, high speed, quality, ultraviolet each index that the satellite such as ageing, cold hot loop blasts off and dimensional extreme environment uses and function. Experiment the success of 6 03 stars blasts off, it is system of optics of our country satellite second use exceed technology of black material gobo. Accept rice is compound exceed black coating material to be explored in dark weak object, the domain such as body of interstellar navigation, infra-red concealed has wide applied perspective.
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Accept rice is compound exceed black coating material gobo appearance

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