Basis " science and technology rewards byelaw " regulation, via science and technology award evaluates committee evaluation, joint hearing of committee member of award of science and technology is decided and examine and verify of ministry of science and technology, the State Council is approved and apply for approval chairman Xi Jinping is signed, award Gu Songfen academician, Wang Dazhong academician prize of high science and technology; Approval of the State Council, project of science award award a prize 46, among them: First prize 2, second-class award 44; Project of award a prize of technical invention award 61, among them: First prize 3 (current project 1, special project 2) , second-class award 58 (current project 43, special project 15) ; Project of award a prize of technology progress award 157, among them: Special grade award 2 (special project 2) , first prize 18 (current project 10, special project 7, innovation group 1) , second-class award 137 (current project 110, special project 27) ; Award science and technology of international of expert of 8 foreign nationality and republic of an international organization cooperative award   , power sea extends fiber limited company to obtain a technology to invent second-class award (special project)

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
▲ power sea extends Cong Zongjie of general manager of fiber limited company to get award   power sea extends this to have the honor to win a technology to invent second-class award is afterwards after having the honor to win award of quality award nomination, another degree that obtains this year is honorary, it is right the company holds to own innovation, break international block and forestall, solve calorie of neck the difficult problem, sufficient affirmation that leads industry of homebred carbon fiber development. Honorary since is encouraged is to lash more, power sea is extended will continue hard, enhance technical innovation ability, deepen produce learn to grind collaboration, related to place of scientific research courtyard and industry unit together, drive solve difficult problem of technology of industry general character, the happiness that runs quickly to development of estate of homebred carbon fiber tomorrow! Origin:   of material of Guang Wei answer 2, tall conduction oil base technology of preparation of key of carbon fiber of bitumen of the photograph intermediate and whole set equipment and applied   complete an unit: Material of Hunan university, spaceflight and craft institute, Hunan east mirror limited company of science and technology of material with carbon element, petro-chemical Inc. to grow limited company of mill of satellite of mountain branch, Beijing, Hunan to grow mountain petrifaction science and technology to develop   of limited company to complete personnel: Feng Zhihai, Liu Jinshui, Xie Chong, Wang Miaoyun, Zhu Shipeng, Fan Zhen, Liu Hong Xin, She Xichun, Huang Dong, Yu Yang

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