Newest published paper discussed reproducible different Shanli ester resinous synthesizes acrylic acid of alcohol radical polyurethane, use at the ultraviolet solidify coating with adjustable function. Alcohol of different hill pear is a kind of amylaceous ramification, it is the dehydrate of D- Shan Lichun that extracts from inside corn syrup and. Alcohol of different hill pear is of a kind of ideal biology radical monomer, can preparation is high-powered polymer material, replace oil base material to expect. In studying a process, alcohol of different hill pear is used to regard preparation polyurethane acrylic acid as ester resinous raw material, final utility is coating of solidify of preparation ultraviolet ray. Through adjusting the ε- in the structure the content of the ester inside oneself, the coating of place preparation is had adjustable viscosity, thermal stability and mechanical function, have good hydrophily.

Actual application prospect is good

The temperature of tall vitrification transition that the ultraviolet solidify coating of place preparation shows appropriate 3H pencil hardness and 74°C (Tg) . According to researcher introduction, their research puts forward through adjusting the scale of the ester inside oneself comes to alcohol of different hill pear and ε- the ultraviolet solidify coating with preparation superior integral performance, have good actual application prospect.

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