This year in October, second surmount England (is 10.47GW) become? ? Maritime? Electric market, total installed capacity amounts to 10.48GW. At the beginning of November, the market? Does report install boat benefit? Rate be as high as 98% , is exercise in? The shipping amount of field is achieved mean monthly 69, with? Add? 183% . And between a month in the past, installed capacity achieved flying growth, current installed capacity already amounted to 14.8GW, enlarged its market further lead position. Note: Research of carat Ke Sen is only to the statistic of installed capacity already realized total capacity and the total capacity of aircraft of wind field outfit of the net. Prospect of market of maritime wind cable is hopeful     sea is windward market prospect of report as before very hopeful. Up to at the beginning of November 2021, in all accumulative total total capacity of field of 199 maritime wind and net put into production, its installation amount achieves 37.2GW. Outfit machine dimensions is in maritime wind report to will still grow considerably in the near future, predict 2025 end achieves 102GW. However, the heavy goods price that rise (like rolled steel price relatively the beginning of the year rises 28%) and carriage price (12, 000dwt MPP period hire the price relatively the beginning of the year rises 194%) makes business of development of field of fan manufacturer zephyr is faced with a project to develop cost to increase. In addition, european wind speed drops make business near future is faced with wind field operation to generate electricity the challenge that accrual glides. Predict 2021 end, windward field installation amount will reach of great capacity of accumulative total put into production 43.9GW, among them 11.9GW at total this year capacity and net. The many project put into production that the main power that installation amount increases comes from. Be worth what carry is, already will exceed England October (10.5GW) makes market of cable of big maritime wind. Realize total capacity to be driven before allowance ends and net, maritime wind field builds what fire of no less than is like a bitter edible plant to undertake, and the dimensions of put into production this year also will achieve the history new tall. The beginning of the year up to now, already 3.1GW of 14 wind circumstance completes go into operation, in addition still 8.3GW of 25 wind circumstance already came true second and net. However “ grabs agitation ” to make the project development cost that develops business raises somewhat, among them shipping hire and equipment purchase the price to all appear the growth of different level. Tycoon of traditional oil gas increases the investment of business of windward to the sea cable continuously. Maritime wind report installs machine dimensions to will grow considerably, predicting 2021-30 year year all compound increase rate is achieved 24% . Oil gas company is seeking the investment opportunity of project of maritime wind cable. In November 2021, italy Ainiji is round (Eni) buys British Dogger Bank C (1 with 191 million dollar, field of 200MW) maritime wind 20% rights and interests. After buying, ainiji is round in all the 738MW rights and interests that hold covers field of 3 maritime wind. These wind field already all signed agreement of the report that order or enter maritime development phase. Demand of market of shipping of maritime wind report is exuberant the order cycle of boat of windward report installation and ship of carry dimension mother still is in     sea continuously. Predict 2025 end, will have more than 9, the hoisting demand of 000 typhoons machine, among them 2, many 000 will be placed to be in off shore the maritime space beyond 40 kilometers, the demand of the boat will be in boat of wind report installation and carry dimension mother to grow somewhat in the near future. The beginning of the year up to now, share 15 wind report to install boat and 13 carry dimension of mother ship be built newly or change bound sheet to be signed, year the amount that sign sheet achieves the history new tall. Among them, the investment that makes boat of carry dimension mother newly already reached 667 million dollar, year change grow 143% compared to the same period. This year in October, holand Van Oord comes in the collect in Yantai blessing person signs 3, 000 tons install a boat from report of wind promoting style, to a string of 1 functional force installs one of boats by force up to now. In addition, norwegian Norwind Offshore issues VARD group to sign two construction to carry dimension mother ship builds order and a platform newly to supply a boat to change order form of ship of shipping dimension mother in Ni Qi of fragrance bank the base of a fruit, total value amounts to 163 million dollar. The consign that changes lading predicts to be in 2022, and new shipbuilding consign at 2023 and 2024. The shipping vivid jerk of the market as before exuberant. Because “ grabs those who install wet ” to undertake, the wind report October installs the market boat and requirement of other construction shipping as before exuberant. October 2021 end, utilization rate of boat of installation of market wind report is achieved 98% , and exercise is achieved in the shipping amount of wind field mean monthly 69, grow 183% compared to the same period. Exit as governmental subsidy however, installation exercise may put delay somewhat 2022, at the appointed time market of great capacity is windward electric shipping requirement will somewhat fall after a rise. Ship-owner pays close attention to green shipping to supply chain continuously. Ship-owner of boat of dimension of wind electricity use is preparing investment to have energy-saving technology (the shipping of EST) is discharged with decreasing. This year in October, housing card (the investment intent book that the dockyard that joint-stock company Home Mayflower Wind same of Shell) and Spanish Ocean Winds is located in American hemp to save signs report of a bavin to mix boat of dimension of use of dynamical wind electricity. This boat will deserve to have Shui Yi and lithium ion battery in order to reduce oily cost. If shipowner,the wind cable project that saves in hemp is purchased in win a contract, this intent book turns hopeful into formal order.

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