Production industry is seeking a kind of solidder, lighter, cheaper data all the time, in maintain while efficiency is changeless, reduce cost, and this is the means that the enterprise obtains a success, from theoretic tell, this also is helpful for consumer. But if material is solidder, lighter, cheaper, can you bring about a car to use the loss of life of material? The international that leads by Hamidreza Abdolvand of western material engineer studies the group is published in periodical " Acta Materialia And Communications Materials " new research makes clear, this one problem can be solved. Abdolvand and Karim Louca of western engineering graduate student, and lab of European synchronous radiate (ESRF) with France the co-worker of school of technology of national and advanced project cooperates, discovered the metal in bringing about car and nuclear reactor is out of shape (deformation) main factor, develop new model to be able to cast material life. Abdolvand expresses, the pace is ” of better understanding “ twin, structural piece produces the accept rice level that twin is solid material when be out of shape, crystal is specific brilliant face (twin brilliant face) atomic edge is particular direction (twin direction) in coordination displacement (call wind shear) result. Study leader Abdolvand expresses: “ twin is very important in material science. Current, scientific group forecasts twin phenomenon very hard, produce a course because of it very fast. So, how is my group and co-worker want to understand them after all caused, need what requirement, and if why they handle material character. ”Load and zirconium or magnesian contact can form twin brilliant, former and usable at nuclear reactor, latter can be used at the car. Abdolvand explanation says, should move to divide or invert when identical load, twin phenomenon can disappear sometimes. Twin happening may be advantageous, bring corrupt practice possibly also: It can improve data extend a gender, make material more weigh model easily and won't burst, but also can bring about sometimes rupture, this depends on load and local stress condition.

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