According to the information that journal of Japanese chemical industry released on Feburary 5, japanese Dong Li company goes a kind of mixture inject to shape at near future development technology, this technology can make carbon fiber enhances one-way adhesive plaster (UD Tape) shape in onefold craft and deposit shapes in inject in the mould; Below appropriate craft condition, this craft makes make the part that has as same as steel spare parts function and cost become a possibility, but weight reduced 20 % .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Dong Li calls the skill of this kind of new development direct adhesive plaster to insert type to note model to shape. Through as other as what in inserting UD adhesive plaster the mould, undertake injecting shaping mix synthesis technology photograph to compare, this technology need not undertake shaping beforehand directly process, can finish in single course directly shape and deposit. Be in through placing the UD adhesive plaster that comprises by successive fiber proper place, this technology conduces to will rigid, intensity and tall productivity union be together. This technology is last can use UD adhesive plaster to carry out insert to shape with founding 3D appearance need not shape beforehand of working procedure shape technology. This technology needs to stick UD adhesive plaster in every one side of the goods that note model only, can increase the intensity of goods and flexibility multiple. Carbon fiber increases plastic (CFRP) have superior performance normally, but often can have higher price, this technology also can drive CFRP to reduce cost. Predict this are new the technology can be used at making all sorts of parts, include door of bumper of box of electric car batteries, car, car to prevent hit bridge, roof frame, dynamoelectric tool and use at electric the crust with electronic equipment. UD adhesive plaster of Dong Li is based on polyamide normally 6 (PA6) or get together benzene sulfur aether (PPS) matrix. But, this company still devotes oneself to development to be based on tall hear resistance to get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) adhesive plaster, hope to add UD adhesive plaster in its product line, in order to improve the resin that with its he uses at noting model to shape (be like polycarbonate PC) adherent force. Current, dong Li's target is to make the batch production of UD adhesive plaster is achieved annual hundreds of tons dimensions, and than noting model shapes the yield of grain increases number decuple. This company is seeking a variety of solutions, include to use western the establishment of the area.

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