Afterwards land is windward report is official after par, maritime wind report also will exit a country formally to fill 2022, in be faced with fall this pressure while, wind report still will face a bigger difficult problem. Well-known, onshore fan life is controlled in 20 years normally, the 3 north of ” of “ cradle ground in report of our country wind area, because development is earlier, technical iteration speed is accelerated, already had unit of a large number of cable of old old wind at present generating electricity existence of respect of efficiency, stability runs a problem. Relevant data shows, our country predicted to will fan of more than 10 million kilowatt arrives at terminus of “ life ” 2025. They are facing 3 kinds of destinies, it is to be demolished entirely change new; 2 it is aircrew ability changes, the system upgrades; 3 it is fan retires. It is inevitable that aircrew retires, but should the “ reject ” such as canister of the lamina that retreats, tower be like where to manage again? Especially wind report lamina enhances colophony composite material for fiber, light qualitative excel in, but its chemistry process cannot converse, once solidify shapes hind, cannot return original material matrix property, and do not handle through new technology cannot degradation. At present general processing pattern has 3 kinds: Pile up, bury and time with, pile up take up space, and fill the pattern processing that bury to retire blade also is sure to exit historical arena gradually.    ·Fan retires earnestly needs a standard to fill a     after 2025, home will greet the onshore old old fan that approves concentration to retire, need relevant principal part against a rainy day, retire clearly ahead of schedule the problem such as fan processing. From the point of wind report lamina, show according to trade data, film contract of part of a historical period of report of our country wind had 3456 tons to retire 2018; To 2025, retire blade will amount to 8112 tons; After 2025, our country will greet lamina of report of a big wind to discard as useless wet, retire blade gross is will swift and violent growth more, retired 2028 gross will amount to 412784 tons, 2029 is to be as high as about 715664 tons more. This falls in policy of high pressure of current environmental protection, it is a difficult problem that solves urgently. Government sector and industry also realized this one value gradually, already began the operation. On May 22, industry second held “ wind-force to generate electricity blade reclaims technical promotion and ” of seminar of industrial development mode; On July 27, reclaim to hold water formally with applied combine by the green of cartel of overall, lamina, attestation initiates wind report lamina inside course of study, combine reachs glass reinforced plastics through making blade on one hand goods and retire reclaim the evaluation standard of relevant work segment, implementation lamina retires reclaim the normative butt joint of as active as each job, mix for blade recycle reclaim provide support and power; Will establish cooperative working group on the other hand, undertake below the support of special fund the technology tackles key problem set an example with the project, drive industrial technology to upgrade progress. It is reported, at the beginning of July, organization of bureau of the sources of energy held wind to electric machinery group retires and manage policy informal discussion newlier, thrash out fan retires the problem such as the mechanism. On the meeting, 5 generate electricity greatly all the core that retires to be transformed for field of old old wind ahead of schedule. Message of ” of report of “ daily wind says, " newer, ability changes form of wind electric machinery, retire method of administrative try out " first draft has been sent toward each relevant enterprise undertakes discussion perfecting, believe to be below the demand drive of the market, can release very quickly carry out. Before this, the Gansu Province " expand about breeding the opinion of catenary of new energy industry " also point out should start old old fan to retire change application, begin fan lamina to reclaim recycle loop is pilot. · fan is large change increase reclaim   serves as difficulty inchoate retire the 3 north of “ of fan staple market ” area, onshore wind report already entered 4.0MW period. On June 22, 2021, oriental wind report grinds oneself generation set of wind-force of straight drive of 5.5S-172 permanent magnetism joins movement successfully, also indicating our country land is windward report enters 6MW period formally. In addition, each are big overall business in succession maritime fan of 10+MW of research and development, big sign covers with tiles fan is hasten of place of prospective general trends.   of   of _20210802090950.png of small letter picture came to add the wind cable unit with machine of accumulative total outfit newly 2018 2000 group of electric machinery of wind of different 2018 power adds   of   of _20210802090955.png of picture of small letter of average power   newly   of installed capacity scale is in fan is large change a trend to fall, blade canister of longer and longer, tower taller and taller, stand-alone is bigger and bigger. . . The weight of blade hub and overall occupy rise than synchronism, and wind report lamina and relevant glass steel are aircrew and establishment of form a complete set in difficult reclaim the part of processing, this increased to reclaim further difficulty. Big sign made of baked clay fan is accepted it is par times falls the efficient way of this synergism, accompany what reach goods of glass reinforced plastics as blade to reclaim recycle importance is highlighted gradually, this also is to matter to wind cable industry whether the issue that the earnestly of long-term development wants to solve. The road ——“ of broken bureau 0 useless fan”Come from 2018, the conflict frequency of wind telegram construction and environmental protection is sent, as the accretion of pressure of policy of wind report environmental protection, blade and wind cable firm are abandoned how harmless it is more worth while to change processing, loop to use research. Report of the wind inside course of study is overall of bibcock innovation sex put forward “ ” of 0 useless fan way of this one new research and development. On July 21, beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song announced to be able to develop continuously wish scene strategy goal: To 2040 group of sale wind electric machinery comes true 100% can reclaim, to 2030 blade implementation can reclaim completely, affirmatory shift to an earlier date 10 years (2040) implementation is clean 0 discharge, include what its supply chain to discharge. Actually, be in early in January 2020, fan makes tycoon dimension Si Dasi allege, “ will be produced before 2040 ” of 0 useless fan. The respect expresses Weisidasi: What 0 useless ” point to “ is the production in fan, use, reclaim, recycle and material of the protection in the process that recover from an illness and resource, need to break fan lamina into pieces no longer undertake cremate or fill bury. Current, fan of dimension Si Dasi can reclaim on average rate for 85% , among them of blade and hub reclaim difficulty is tall, can reclaim 2019 rate it is only 42% . As we have learned, 2006 blade dosage second more than 20 thousand tons, this is meant fast blade reclaimed 2026 the ” of “ final examination that the industry will greet second fan to retire. But at present not perfect, industry values policy vacancy, level degree is insufficient. . . Home is overall business also answer be prepared for danger in times of safety, consider to explore the new solution such as 0 useless fan as early as possible. Trade public figure expresses to this, discard as useless of fan lamina harmless change reclaim problem, need crosses a branch, cross a territory, cross an industry to cooperate in coordination, find have but durative commercial pattern, build “ to discard as useless blade reclaims material uses platform ” circularly, let discard as useless blade reclaims deal with form integrated closed circuit, build a midwifery state, promote industrial health to be able to develop continuously thereby. Author: Not small elegant

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