Recently, intelligence of bright this world and ministry of British international trade (DIT) signed forgive memorandum, the industry of maritime wind cable that collaboration fulfils Ming Yang to be in England invests a plan. This agreement holds banquet technology concurrently by president of intelligence of bright this world Guan Zhangqi should is stationed in with British DIT China sign on behalf of John Edwards, the key pays close attention to Ming Yang to invest the plan of factory of general assembly of machine of zephyr of construction lamina manufactory, service center in England. Both sides still includes cooperative exploration to build fan to check report of center, maritime wind to set an example in England project and beforehand the other content that business uses wind electric field. Be based on the experience that established MySE Europe commerce and engineering center in German hamburger last year, ming Yang also has fun at this locality of etc of engineering manufacturing industry that uses England supplies chain. This year, italian Taranto project begins to stock MySE3.0-135 model of Ming Yang, this also is overall business second for Europe maritime wind electric field offers money, the mark is worn the enterprise marchs market of cable of European maritime wind. By October, intelligence of bright this world again behead obtains order of phone of brushstroke Europe maritime wind, will float for type project offers 11MW sea of half straight drive is windward electric machinery group. This year in August, ming Yang still was rolled out on group of big electric machinery of wind of half straight drive MySE16.0-242 type, with one action makes stand-alone size unit of big maritime wind cable. Current, this type has obtained attestation of DNV He Jianheng, predict table prototype got offline 2022, prototype was installed first half of the year 2023, implementation commercialized a quantity to produce first half of the year 2024.

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