2021, what wind cable industry still realized close 94 GW is new add and net outfit machine, for the history the 2nd good achievement. Compare 2020, wind report added installation amount newly to drop only 1.8% . 2021, machine of wind report outfit adds 93.6 GW newly (and net capacity) , accumulative total installation amount achieves 837 GW (relatively grow 12% on one year) . The onshore wind report that reachs market of cable of these two American gale adds installation quantity newly to drop somewhat, it is 30.7 GW and 12.7 GW respectively, but other area creates the history in succession new tall. What Europe, latin america, Africa reachs middle east is onshore added outfit machine newly to grow 19% respectively, 27% reach 120% . Maritime wind report is added newly in what realized 21.1 GW 2021 and net (for 2020 3 times much) , created historical good grade. One branch alone beautiful, 80% what windward report increment takes its of great capacity, this also lets surmount England to make machine of outfit of accumulative total of maritime wind report much. Wind report added outfit machine 93.6GW newly 2021, specific rank is as follows:

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The influence clearly of new coronal epidemic situation, the item pay of the market such as the United States, India, Taiwan puts delay somewhat. But the specification of activity of invite public bidding 2021 accelerates wind report to configure is a lot of main strategies. Compare 2020, volume of wind report invite public bidding rose 153% , achieve 88 GW, among them onshore wind report is 69 GW (occupy 78% ) , maritime wind report is 19 GW. Wind report is lying in ascendant passageway, but if want to achieve security and transition of bouncy the sources of energy, present growth rate and range are insufficient. If according to present development speed, to 2030 wind report installation amount will be not worth 1.5 ℃ circumstances to reach clean 0 2/3 what discharge method place to need wind capacitance, this will make we cannot achieve climate goal actually. Report of onshore 2021 wind adds outfit machine 72.5GW newly, specific rank is as follows:
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Report of maritime 2021 wind adds outfit machine 21.1GW newly, specific rank is as follows:
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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