Recently, limited company of blade of report of wind of Luoyang double luck and Inc. of report of wind of outfit of shipping group of great capacity finish what lamina of maritime wind report sells a contract to sign, contract amount exceeds 1.8 billion yuan, refresh notes of amount of contract of odd pen of Shuang Ruifeng report. Report of double luck wind passes research and development of 3 years of with great concentration, achieved domestic fund in Feburary 2021 sea of 100 meters of class is windward electric lamina SR210 gets offline, after passing full-scale test will finish prototype to deliver goods in October at of the same age, become only power to sweep wind area the product of maritime wind report with expensive efficiency of changeover of big, wind energy, realize technology of maritime wind cable to lead continuously. The series product that fashions with this lamina is race to control of report of double luck wind market of lamina of maritime wind report buys sharp weapon again, also aid outfit of power of great capacity to obtain significant market breakthrough in maritime par times.

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15-18 December

New York City