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Report of answer material news -- in Feburary

Digital product and sports carbon fiber did not come in Feburary but period
On Feburary 18, 2021, ——VAIO of the person that the industry of innovation science and technology leads, released a money stereo shape the notebook computer of carbon fiber airframe. New VAIO? Z is used quantify tougher however design gentlier, more carbon fiber composite material, cooperate the VAIO TruePerformance of VAIO independent research and development? Technology, make mobile office open brand-new experience. On Feburary 4, 2021, design of exterior of torch of Beijing Olympic Winter Games is released formally external. Torch “ flies upwards of ” among them window of a technology is torch crust used weight light high temperature resistant carbon fiber material, torch combustion canister also is given priority to character with carbon fiber material, appear gave “ the characteristic of light, solid, beautiful ” . Answer ability network judges   to face the auspicious situation of carbon fiber, relevant guild leads the directive opinion that offers carbon fiber development, point out carbon fiber business ought to have made the own standard system that gets used to characteristic of character of our country market, want to take raw material and the own safeguard of complementary makings seriously, want to pay attention to the close cooperation of entire industry catenary, pass communication and study, improve fiber quality hard, develop new product, develop new applied field; In the metempsychosis that we ought to analyse the past deeply 12 years, carbon fiber industry grows with break, experience and lesson, science forecasts development trend of future. The road of the development of carbon fiber, want firmly, go rationally! Chemical industry went up in Feburary go up! The Du Bangke that delays delivery is thought of achieve!
Arrogant year of start working, the market soares all-round victory! One second of “ of market quoted price becomes invalid nowadays ” ! 2021 beginning, chemistry of contented family name sells a plant again. According to new information, contented family name prepares to sell with 966 million dollar its are located in Germany again the petrifaction factory infrastructure of 3 places, and the main manufacturer that contented family name is afore-mentioned 3 home areas. Division think of achieve, the tycoon collective delay in delivery such as Du Bang! 180 days long! The market is serious be in short supply, 10 thousand China, the reappearance such as Du Bang rises in price case! Du Bang: Offer goods insecurity, every kilograms go up 0.1 dollars! Di Siman: Rose on Feburary 1, 2400 yuan are moved on / ton! Contented family name: Rose on Feburary 1, colophony product goes up 1300 yuan / ton! 10 thousand China chemical: Rose on Feburary 19, rise 900-1100 yuan / ton! Answer ability network judges   to go up go up! Industrial chemicals is going up! Last year November, not saturated colophony has appeared to soare prices, at that time is a day a quote, even many quote. The time of place favour hold together is shorter. And this rise in price extent is fiercer, direct with 1000 yuan every tons of extent rises. The reason that rises in price this has many factors, among them one of influences that are assaulted namely by severe cold of American heart city, want those who visit American heart city to restore a situation next, after restoring, with respect to meeting regain stability, if short-term difficult restore, import chemical industry to taste compensatory market breach from the Asia conversely even, so market of our country industrial chemicals still will continue to go up go up! In Feburary, what does our enterprise have strange thing?
Constant god share has the honor to win award of brook of dream of “ of innovation of science and technology of city of 2020 year Zhenjiang again”

Is AOC force couplet thought of do to can you last product and plan roll out Next? Zoology label

The auxiliary that finishs gram chemistry is wind- driven power plant to offer paragraph classics attestation

Expert of leader of center of material of Shang Fei answer arrives at China prosperous polymer technical communication

Go up abb new material: Net 2020 gain adds 46%-55% beforehand compared to the same period
Enlarge of device of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction can the project drives succeed
Feilihua drafts the increase in buying science and technology 51.88% equity

Project of carbon fiber of company of group of Jilin chemical fibber is labelled Jilin province priority discipline

Research and development of Japanese Dong Li gives the new-style processing technique that can reduce CFRP cost

Group of person of the Supreme Being and bay AEV company develops multipurpose hand in hand low speed is dynamoelectric car platform

Composite material of construction of development of chemistry of 3 water chestnut is used new-style thermoplastic colophony

Division think of achieve a plan to build polyurethane to distinguish prose style free from parallelism and polyester colophony works in Shanghai

Fojiya announces to buy Shenyang Si Linda is major equity

Answer ability network judges   reforming and opening 40 old, the industrialization of our country manufacturing industry had taken an inflection point, when that spelled manpower to arrive to spell equipment from before namely. We ask transition enters industrial modernization period pressingly, mix now in the future, it is manufacturing industry 4 timeses, face this new era, group of long triangle economy has gone in front, the enterprise over there can make a high-end product, because they chose intelligence in time to turn high-end equipment,be, choose high-end equipment, because they are having manufacturing industry,be of 4 timeses before eye of strategy of look up sex. Reason this, circle of long triangle economy has more and more companies, cong Yong establishs the banner of current head, grow for enterprise of surveyor's pole sex. Hope we officer of tall valve of boss of each entrepreneur, mill, company, technology and sale director, can learn business of surveyor's pole sex attentively, touch somewhat, act somewhat! Did our terminal use a field in Feburary how?
Grow Bo fine lamina! Lamina of Shanghai electric S90 is one-time through full measure static carry test   10 enterprises such as Weisidasi form an alliance devote oneself to to retire wind report lamina reclaims catenary of industry of cable of processing   wind is panoramic answer ability network judges graph and   of map of heating power of delegate business area     , save each littoral accelerate add a lunar month of 30 days to set maritime wind report. Windward report “ saves sea of start shooting of afterwards Guangdong province after filling ” gun, after Zhejiang saves close therewith. “ of development of Zhejiang province energy is made clear in 945 ” program put forward, drive maritime wind report actively to be able to develop continuously, accelerate build system of provincial finance subsidy, through emulative means configuration adds an item newly. About circumstance of allowance of place of maritime wind report, outside dividing Guangdong, Zhejiang, manner of Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian is still unidentified bright, trade public figure thinks, it is more mature that Jiangsu saves maritime wind report to develop, outfit machine dimensions is amounted to, province finance state is better, publish relevant subsidy system likely. Province of the Guangdong before this and Jiangsu province part fair showed 945 during the maritime wind report of aggregate 23GW develops a program. Study according to economy of professional negotiable security the personage is forecasted, plan 3 provinces also will publish prospective Fujian, Shandong, Liaoning special program, total capacity is in 6-10GW, report of 945 maritime wind adds outfit machine newly to will exceed 32GW, year all add maritime wind report newly to install machine 6GW above. 2022-2025 country helps 4 years after exiting inside, year all build a quantity to exceed 6GW possibly also. Jiangsu is the province with large scale of development of maritime wind report, save 945 ” of “ according to Jiangsu but second birth the sources of energy develops special program to point out, to 2025, jiangsu saves wind report to add about 11 million kilowatt newly. Add investment newly to make an appointment with 120 billion yuan, among them maritime wind report adds about 8 million kilowatt newly, add investment newly to make an appointment with 100 billion yuan; Smooth hot season generates electricity to add about 9 million kilowatt newly, add investment newly to make an appointment with 30 billion yuan. During 945 " of “ , jiangsu is saved but second birth the sources of energy adds outfit machine newly to make an appointment with 22 million kilowatt, add investment newly to make an appointment with 163 billion yuan. This is meant, during 945 " of “ , jiangsu saves wind report to part every year to add those who have 2.2GW above newly outfit machine space. Feburary, industry hot term is ” of “ start working. In the beatific sound of ” of big auspicious of “ start working, we greeted an ox year. Major of answer ability network is dedicated and absorption planned 4 meetings, be harvested to make join meeting honored guest only and return, worthy trip!

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