Recently, from Ba Ling petrifaction production manages a know, january portion, this company finishs refine to change product gross to grow 29.40% compared to the same period. Among them, output of balata ministry product relatively the corresponding period grew 23.15% last year, output of colophony ministry product relatively the corresponding period grew 50.54% last year, double achieve crop history new tall. Month of oil refining installation processes a volume relatively the corresponding period grew 226.63% last year. Leave bureau it is decisive battle, starting is sprint. January portion, ba Ling petrifaction overcomes opposite of holiday of new year's day, Spring Festival to produce an effect, line of departmental door, each major make concerted effort, focusing annual produces management target, the gram of energy assault fortified positions that learns in order to compare to overtake is difficult, the organization is produced, for, sell a balance, eliminate device to run hidden danger before the section as far as possible, attention runs weak point, elaborate operation is optimized, make device operating mode reachs actor record, for foundation of tamp of device high and stable yields. Be in especially this year during the Spring Festival, each major branch catchs Ba Ling petrifaction real unit full load is smooth and steady move, establish the ensures ” concept that smooth and steady long cycle runs “ unit is benefit, master device in time unusual situation, cooperate actively to handle, stare at in finished state of each plant output closely. Small long holiday 7 days, this company refine spends product day all total output is compared the corresponding period grew 9.3% last year. (Author: Mo Jintao Xu is bright shine)

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