Factory of synthetic resin of Jilin petrifaction company reclaims through transforming clear lotion system, from last year in April up to now, already accumulative total reclaims waste liquid more than 1000 tons, not only managing waste liquid handles cost, and recycle comes true after waste liquid is handled via reclaiming, already achieved effect more than 1000000 yuan. DMF is factory of Jilin petrifaction synthetic resin the clear lotion of 6 SAN device. Generation of SAN device annual cleans waste liquid to make an appointment with 900 tons. This factory former waste liquid reclaims because the system did not reach use level unused all the time. For this, this batch of waste liquid need to entrust other unit to deal with, every tons should cost 500 yuan. The recycle after how reclaiming waste liquid subtly, make focal point of assault fortified positions of this plant technology. Prepare through early days, this factory cleans fluid to refine at DMF is being started at the beginning of last year reclaim the system transforms a project. Through construction of 3 many months, this system achieves environmental protection to want sue for peace to try moving standard. The needle exposes the relevant issue that give to debugging level, this factory studies with all possible means, debug, the problem that solves the waste liquid after rectification effectively to collect inadequacy giving an amount eventually and reclaim lead low defect. After this, this factory still runs a condition according to the system, continue to adjust, optimize the parameter such as moving bear, temperature, pressure, discharge, find beautiful to control a cost. Current, DMF clear lotion is purificatory reclaim the system moves smooth, the system closes rate already achieved 60% above, clear lotion is collected continuously piece, reclaim ability and quality can satisfy device periodic clean a requirement, assured device green, efficient move.

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