2022 year up to now, crude oil rushs ceaselessly tall, the near future upgrades because of Russian black dispute, news news frequency goes out, the market operates increase, crude oil steps “ again runway of ” of 100 yuan of sprint. Upriver pressure is released, valence can be carried to answer only downstream in. From oil price achieve 7 years new tall, to benzene third, olefin kind the foundation turns raw material greatly rise in price, one class class is conducted and fall after that, downstream raw material and finished product begin to pull in more and more chemical industry go up, latex, colophony, coating, waterproof, and model changed the product such as industrial catenary to appear to go up situation, of bibcock enterprise send letter for many times also evidence this. Jia Baoli: The product is adjusted to offer commodity price check since January 22 on January 1, 2022, jia Baoli decorates product career ministry to release completely decorated a product to move valence early-warning announcement to say completely in January 2022, be managed of the company in order to ensure and can last everybody of development, safeguard the long-term interests of dealer friend, classics career ministry considers to decide, will offer commodity price check at the product is being adjusted since January 22, 2022, specific involve the product category that rise in price to reach on amplitude modulation is with dispatch announcement accurate. Jia Baoli expresses, a year of in the past, the group adopts interior to raise the effect, measure that optimizes adjusting control of flow, policy to wait for duty pole, with period the adverse effect that because raw material rises to be brought with wave motion considerably,delays embroider. Optimize actively hard through nearly one year, but still eliminate raw material to rise hard, the adverse effect that operation cost rises, normal production operation still is affected by huge. Establish state: The product such as wall of inside and outside predicts to go up tone 3%-10%

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Material of adornment establishing state (Guangzhou) limited company was released on Feburary 20 " product mix price cases " , say to rise in price as raw material, the company decides to rise from March 1, whole to following product value one's style of work as well as one's moral quality: Inside wall / outside wall / carpentry / base material / the full standards product such as complementary material predicts to go up tone 3%-10% . Ba Defu is of all kinds the product rises in price is waterproof and of all kinds product value is in what different rate had on value basis in January to go up tone. Undertake adjustment to the price of of all kinds product. General benzene third kind: 700-900 of the attune on the price yuan / ton; True stone lacquer kind: 800-1100 is moved on the price yuan / ton; High-grade pure third kind: 700-900 of the attune on the price yuan / ton; Stretch kind: 800-1100 is moved on the price yuan / ton. Akesunuobeier: Rise in price since March 1 on Feburary 10, akesunuobeier (Shanghai) limited company releases product value to adjust an announcement to say, rise continuously as a result of the raw material such as pink of latex, titanium white, dissolvent, to continue to promote product and service quality, via considering to decide to be opposite cautiously partial product undertakes the price is adjusted. Time of become effective of value of the product that move price: 222 years on March 1 0:00. Division suitable share: Raw material rises exceed a company to be able to accuse limits on Feburary 21, 2022, division suitable share releases a product to move valence to inform case, say to suffer raw material price to rise continuously influence, company have no alternative undertakes moving price to of all kinds product, each category moves price range to be: Prevent water series 5%-30% ; Ceramic tile shop sticks series 5%-15% ; 5%-10% of complementary material series. The division is suitable emphasize, this second to the product the extent that move price mirrorred raw material to rise partly only extent, price of effective raw material rises bigger, and still be in cannot predict the ground to rise continuously. Because raw material price rises considerably, bring about paint business to produce cost to rise accordingly, coating product rises in price lag, gain ability is affected. Rise in price besides raw material of course outside affecting outstanding achievement, the cruel Lei Ye of estate company brought serious undesirable effect to paint business. At present, rise in price tide already lasted one year superabundant, small plant of a lot of coating has closed down, more medium and small businesses are in death struggle, the industry shuffles unavoidable, phenomenon of coating industry oligopoly is more and more apparent. Integrated origin opens article content ocean talks about chemical industry, wide change trade, by Ai Tubang the editor is arranged.

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