From 2020 the end of the year of second half of the year begins, leader unit price is like wind report to drop point-blank, from once 4200 yuan / Kw goes to 2396 yuan when report casts open sealed tenders a few days ago / Kw, sheet looks from price absolute value, drop tall extent is achieved 42.85% , this wind report that lets us to the number absolutely developed an enterprise to see the hope of par wind report. Of course the fall of leader price also is not dinkum only fall this, big contributor or technology innovate inside this, stand-alone capacity also promoted this report to cast stand-alone of high capacity of onshore wind phone from 2MW - electric W6050-172 of MySE6.25-172/100 of intelligence of bright this world, Shanghai mixes 6.25MW(Oriental and electric DEW-D6000-172) , let a capacity turn over 3 times directly, the amortize of cost of material that brings as a result of high capacity drops, ecbolic drop of cost of fan main engine substantially, by the fan price new sound that also appeared a few days ago accordingly. Without doubt, get online as wind n price and contest price and quota wait for a series of electrovalency mechanisms carry out, the cost cost of kilowatt of unit of wind electric field drops had been the inevitable requirement of the market, and below the pressure that issues release all the way in leader price, blade raw material got unprecedented pressure 2021. Fierce   epoxy resin price begins from the beginning of the year all the way the 3 big raw material that violent wind rises   fan lamina: Colophony (contain glue sticky agent) , fiber material (contain carbon fiber) the material that reach core, in what go ten years homebred change road to go up, the wind report that main business is blade industry catenary made significant contribution: Colophony is over produce change, fiber is all and homebred change (include partial carbon fiber) . Of only a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is core material problem, advanced a few years the industry just begins to take seriously, but had begun batch to use at present. Regard the core of fan lamina as raw material, no matter be dosage or cost scale, hold higher position. Show according to trade news, the price of epoxy resin 22 yuan from last year / Kg is controlled (not certain and accurate) , new industry person of the same trade tells me the price has been climbed rose 36 yuan / Kg left and right sides, predicting next month should break through 40 yuan / Kg, this data means epoxy resin price to had turned over times, press this data computation, weight of a lamina is in the fan of 3-4MW 60 tons or so, the colophony of 30% or so weight, cost is calculated by this price, increase 250 thousand yuan of above directly. Below the pressure situation that depreciates in cost of leader unit kilowatt, sheet covers the cost of blade to increase 250 thousand yuan, mean blade immediate loss. Raw material of difficult   lamina rises in price company of estate of to give way has affliction character   to introduce according to trade person of the same trade, at present fan blade business has been produced in systole, loss of partial blade company is severe (special period) , made the plan of stop production even. But fall in such market pressure, the team of blade industry still expands in what keep. Current, country is greatly small, I combed outside and in simply about the same 15 blade business, include new material of day of suitable wind energy, 9 vessels, country to start wind report these a few newly emerging force that join blade industry nearly two years. In in material science and technology answer eaves of the division in connecting TPI of many times new material can Ai Lang of VESTAS SIMENS LM connects day of courtyard of the Bo on Shuang Rui to arrange wind energy country to achieve wind energy again   of   of 9 vessels new material (note: The rank is not divided early or late, have nothing to do with brand and dimensions) team of industry of lamina of   big   still is in expand     on April 13, division eaves can announce in, big abundant port area and in ability development limited company is in division Yu Nengke in division eaves can Beijing headquarters holds autograph of project of large and maritime lamina arrange a ceremony, indicating this project is successful harbor of settle big abundant, fill the blank     of industry of base of production of lamina of report of calm of big abundant port area on January 21, 2020, 9 vessels new material announces to be like,will be saved in Jiangsu east prefectural investment establishs wholy-owned subsidiary and construction fan lamina to produce an item, this project will achieve those who produce per year lamina of 500 wind report and cabin of 200 wind electric machinery to overspread to produce can level. 9 vessels new material was distant view to offer blade to trade with respect to investment northwest 2020 the forehead is close to   of 600 million yuan of   on May 6, 2020, shandong country achieves wind leaf to make limited company raise “EN68 lamina ” to get offline formally, blade is 68.8 meters long, weigh 13.9 tons, the mark is worn construction of production base of equipment of high end of Shandong wind report was stridden solid one pace. This is distant view supplier of another collaboration lamina. The market demand of 3060 lets blade apparently the trade investment of this sufficient competition warms up enthusiasticly again, although before home a few, science and technology of the material in including, times new material, in answer connect numerous, ai Lang, a few big blade suppliers such as TPI hold absolutely market position, but increase of demand ceaselessly as the market, a lot of enterprises saw market business chance, enter the line of business of this an abyss of suffering in succession.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Wind phone base roughly layout   simple statistic blade base of is as high as 50 many, treat current condition, still increasing, this returns meeting aggravate with respect to the blade market competition that means tomorrow, how does the industry control oneself, reason of need industry business thinks. Raw material rises in price, how does lead plane want   of price of beg to surrender to manage an industry does benign stability develop? Reduce wind report cost this is inevitable trend, but the change of raw material price of industry of advanced position of wind report leader makes hill of some industries pressure big, include blade, dynamo (cupreous material rises in price also is mad) , and price of similar epoxy resin breaks up times and the vicissitude of the market of the crucial raw material with bigger dosage, how does our mainframe business do? If the enterprise is to have a deficit temporarily grain can be accepted fortunately, long-term deficit is afterwards hard for certain, also do not accord with market rule, more important much is to appear on the market enterprise, partner people also won't agree, the issue came, how does mainframe business do? Technical innovation has the ceiling, need profit supports development of battalion of already of look forward to, partial blade business has begun to raise price, adjust manufacturing plan, the stability that how assures an industry develops, catenary of need industry industry assumes pressure jointly, cannot the pressure that one-sided assumes an industry to develop by blade business, mainframe business and development business also need to undertake the risk is carried in all, mainframe business side is optimized in technical innovation respect in optimize, accomplish cost actor is low, on one hand company of wind report development is in as far as possible below the circumstance, adjust an enterprise to manage assessment index, 3060 it is task of a politics originally, how to finish this task to have to sacrifice somewhat (not be to say not to want an enterprise to run a bottom line) , adjust appropriately, in investment assessment specific target respect needs to change somewhat. If blade is used if epoxy resin continues to rise in price, next how is fan price moved toward, business of mainframe of this pair of fan and the challenge that developing owner is hardship and decision.

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