On December 1, 2021–This day has go into effect, below the condition that allows in existing contract, ba Sifu is raising the price of additive of its paint and coating industry, for example Attagel, Dispex, Efka, Foamaster, FoamStar, Hydropalat, Irgafos, irganox, loxanol, rheovis, sterocoll, tinuvin and Uvinul grade. To make up for raw material, carry the violent wind with energy cost to rise, and labour force, pack and safeguard those who wait for other cost to rise, tall need raises price 35% . To continue to be mixed with Gao Shuiping's product the service supports our client, increasing is necessary. The dispersive body of dispersive body of Ba Sifu and Ba Sifu of colophony branch   and colophony branch are inside limits development, production and the polymer that sell a series of high quality disperse body, colophony. These raw material are used at the recipe of a lot of industries, include coating, building, adhesive, presswork and pack, electron and papermaking. Depend on its comprehensive product combination and extensive industry knowledge, dispersive body and colophony branch offer innovation and the solution that can last for its client, help them improve a recipe.

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15-18 December

New York City