Recently, lamina of home's long report of 102 meters of wind is in quality of equipment of maritime wind phone is supervised examine center (qualitative check center) finished static force to experiment, this is our country the lamina of report of wind of 100 meters of class that raises basis international standard to begin full measure to experiment. This center is located in high new developed area of Guangdong in relief river, it is to identify inspect appoint approval, ancient bronze mirror judge the of great capacity of our country only course that attestation center builds is windward electric equipment examines detect and communal technology serves platform. Among them the full measure that blade lab can ask to begin 150 meters of lamina according to international standard experiments. 102 meters of lamina are a blade of 100 meters of class that our country produces independently, by Shuang Rui the design is made, will match 10MW wind- driven generation set. In April the middle ten days of a month, this lamina reachs qualitative check center, according to international standard the requirement developed the test project such as weight centre of gravity, natural frequency, static force early or late. The experiment demand that there is blade on lamina of train in excess specified length and market has substaintial distinction, qualitative check center measures a body to exceed “ of 100 meters of lamina custom-built ” experiment of complete set full measure is controlled and monitor a system. Static power to load is controlled second use more the control of PID of BP nerve network that intelligence turns is algorithmic, reduce the deviation that checks load for 0.5% , those who be test data is accurate and efficient lay a foundation. According to experimental plan, this 102m lamina still will begin static force of fatigue test, exhaustion hind to wait in succession detect project, synchronous begin type attestation work. The test of research and development of this lamina will advance our country big lamina, big sign to cover with tiles the industrialization of aircrew applies, open sea is windward electric new era.

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15-18 December

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