Infrastructure ageing is one character issue, on a lot of have a large number of bridge and other and crucial structure urgent need rehabilitate, change or upgrade. People realizes as a result of what corrode and bring about material degrades gradually is the crucial domain that deserves attention, and realize need undertake effective, active maintenance. Corrode pilot to be challenged continuously to build cost of cycle of industry opposite life (the one part that LCC) pays close attention to more extensively. This is driving the exploration of next pair of generation housing materials increasingly, these housing materials were offerred have flexibility, safety and reliable infrastructure, can long-term maintenance-free is used; More be used easily and install; Offer outstanding mechanical performance and greater design freedom to spend. Consider total lifecycle cost to be able to help engineer and owner achieve the cost efficiency that showing inside whole lifecycle of the structure, is not the early days cost at the beginning of mere attention. Carry out discovery through old research, solid, pledge gently and pull durably crowded shape composite material product, had shown scene in countless buildings and infrastructure, got welcome and attention, make brunt material gradually. The method with a kind of efficient economy that helping crowded technology is the good material that batch produces all sorts of appearance and size, canal material and profile. Constructing a field, squeeze to pull shape it is important that composite material offers two of powerful latent capacity and the application of constant growth is bridge construction and concrete consolidate. Because pull,squeeze shape can ensure extremely high fiber load capacity, and colophony content can be controlled accurately, because this is pulled,squeeze shape the component has excellent structural performance, and can maintain the production of high quality from beginning to end. Can use a variety of buildup fiber and norms, include fibre glass and carbon fiber, and colophony of all sorts of matrix of hot solid sex, for example polyester, annulus oxygen and vinyl ester, and thermoplastic plastic. Intensifier, colophony and additive are OK countless kinds of means are combined together, in order to ensure finished product profile can offer the beautiful function combination that specific application requires. Almost any profile are sectional can be inside the following parameter make:Big length: 12 meters (decide by traffic limitation) ;   big width: 1350 millimeter / 900 millimeter (according to flammability grade) thick: of;   wall? ?.5 Mm arrives big 60mm, for 3-3.5 Mm; normally   can have cut and radius of different   of mural thick; to ask to arrive in 0.5 Mm between 2mm. Pull crowded profile to contain dye on the whole ply of the spare parts, can make any facial expression almost. Can use veil to produce special outward appearance, for example Mu Wen, marble and granite. The sclerotic tool that also can use a convention undertakes lacquer, cut and bore to profile, use bolt, bolt, rivet or adhesive to have link. Fight ultraviolet coating durably to be used at the profile outdoor normally. Had developed a few cover the design that draws crowded profile, make the standard with installation. Include among them by Manufacturers Association of American composite material (ACMA) with association of American civil engineer (ASCE) make pull crowded fiber to enhance polymer (FRP) structural load and obstruction coefficient design (LRFD) beforehand standard, and European standard EN 13 706, this standard set the low requirement of quality, public errand, the intensity of structural profile, stiffness and surface. The other code that uses at present is Eurocomp design manual and Dutch CUR96. Europe standardizes committee (committee of CEN) 250 technology (the WG4“ fiber below CEN/TC250) enhances polymer ” working group to be opposite the standard of new Europe technology of the design of building, bridge and the composite material structure that in building a project, use and test and verify has the job. Squeeze to strengthen domestic and international composite material to pull shape the technical communication of craft and market butt joint, advance forward position craft, advanced equipment and applied product development, drive catenary of composite material entire industry to optimize upgrade, study pulls crowded new technology, understanding to draw crowded new facility, master terminal new application, understand thoroughly market new trend, international of scan widely of answer ability network, home of base oneself upon, is on October 2021 27-29 day in Zhejiang? Jia Xingshao opens “2021 international composite material to pull crowded craft to apply height forum and plant site to demonstrate to groom meeting ” . This second conference pulls crowded craft and applied ” to give priority to a problem with “ composite material, kelaosimafei assist do. The conference plans to invite international to play crowded technology expert, help research and development of crowded products company the splendid report that total industry and scholar of expert of terminal application domain make technology and applied photograph union, craft and market phase tie. Session visits the organization the chemical plant of Jia Xingyi body that inspects German brand to overcome Laosimafei, do 4 intelligence change industry of learning understanding composite material 5 large dominant positions moxa chart? The picture is pulled crowded shape systematic whole solution, promote and deepen forum delibrate achievement. Invite sincerely domestic and international composite material to pull expert of crowded craft domain, scholar, entrepreneur and industry colleague to arrive at congress, conspire answer material new tomorrow. Sponsor unit   composite material website   assist do unit   to overcome   of   of topic for discussion of congress of   of of Lao Sima humble 2021 pull squeeze shape technology market report and   of analysis of prospective development foreground help crowded technology in, remove dust, retroflexion automatic product line   time / place   time: On October 27, 2021 - place of 29 days of   : Zhejiang fine promote   of   of   relevant item 1. Meeting Wu expends member of network of standard   answer ability: 1900 yuan / person,   of   of person of blame member 3800/ (contain pass of data of all and relevant conference, conference and conference have dinner)   notes: Accommodation unites arrangement by meeting Wu group, charge provides for oneself. 2. Meeting Wu cost presses a requirement to be collected ahead of schedule please assign account, meeting Wu group is centralized open bill, data of make out an invoice sends mailbox please: Contact of   of [email protected]   means signing up:   of Yu Zhen connects a telephone call: 186 5346 3667

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