On March 8, headquarters is located in the Toray Industries of Japanese Tokyo, inc. Dong Li company announces external, this company develops a kind of fluidity, conductivity, thermal conductivity successfully Xi of exceedingly good ultrathin black lead is dispersive solution, use this solution to be able to make the bandit of domain application accrual such as material of such as batteries, wiring and paint shallow. Dong Li will continue to promote the research and development of this one breakthrough, quicken its to commercialize a process. Black lead Xi is a kind of 2 dimension material with carbon element of a shape, have size of accept rice class and ultrathin sex. This kind of advanced function material is arranged equably easily, conduce to its thereby exceedingly good conductivity and cut off function. Regard a shape as material, among them individual carbon is atomic (layer) be united in wedlock with beehive shape structure. Multilayer sheet also calls black lead Xi, the black lead Xi that at present Dong Li company develops is a chip that has 10 about. Up to now, beautiful company has driven the technology that gave out the black lead Xi that produces very thin, high quality with cheap graphite material east. However, the problem is, thinner black lead Xi gathers more possibly. Contrary, higher concentration can make black lead Xi more like clay, thereby block up fluidity. It is very difficult to black lead Xi applies mediumly in clay and mix, because this is necessary to use its dilute in low density solution, but the inherent dominant position that this covered black lead Xi again. Be based on afore-mentioned setting, beautiful company developed a kind of dispersive technology east, this technology controls viscosity through adding a kind of distinctive polymer material, and material of this kind of polymer can restrain what interaction arises between black lead Xi to gather, its exceedingly good result is to make the Xi of ultrathin black lead that Gao Nong spends dispersive fluid fluidity increases (see figure below) . Although this system is in below high concentration, fluidity is wonderful also.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Raise what dispersive current of black lead Xi uses a sex to this solution is operated easily and only dispersive agent   is handled, need not attenuant, and indicate its exceedingly good conductivity and other good point more easily. Tall dispersive sex and mix easily make solution and other data mix become simple. A of new-style solution very good application is the conductor that regards lithium as ionic batteries, it can mix easily with cathode material, insert black lead Xi between cathode in order to raise conductivity. Through using afore-mentioned methods, the capacity loss that can reduce lithium ion to batteries is charging repeatedly and degrade because of electric method in discharge process and be brought about, prolonged battery life further thereby. Be in before in data system, the high-powered batteries of electric car can use canal of carbolic accept rice to serve as electric agent normally, through Dong Li the company tests contrast, the battery life that the result shows to be based on this new-style and dispersive body is uses carbolic accept rice to be in charge of the battery life that is electric agent to grow 50 % than the tradition. Notable still is, dispersive system of Xi of this black lead still can be used at electronic route system, if pass,besmear solution after Fu is dry lamination of black lead Xi in order to form compact film, this kind of film can be used at printable electron circuitry, it has very tall wear and conductivity, won't rusty like the metal. The domain of other and potential application of dispersive system of Xi of this black lead may include to mix solution and anticorrosion painting, rust with block shut-off of water and oxygen are permeated and be being brought about, raise durable sex thereby. Long-term since, japanese Dong Li mission is to provide innovation technology and advanced data, balance to be in development and but the challenge that durative respect faces offers real solution. Did not come to Dong Li company to will continue to devote oneself to to develop the stuff that has revolutionary sense, these material will change a society, accord with its affirmatory innovation concept, technology and product, offer new value.

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