A few days ago, chemical Hua Liu is fair in managing place is belonged to, limited company of data of chemical Hua Liuxin produces per year rice of accept of 50 thousand silicon radical to enrage project of gel composite material in Chongqing long life economic technology development drives successful, yield Jinami enrages batch of eligible silicon gel is compound felt insulation product. This is current domestic dimensions degree of advanced, automation enrages big, craft high project of gel composite material, indicating it is important that chemistry makes high-end chemical and advanced material vendor be stridden pace.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
This project is China land company the industrial project with technical drive, cent period builds 300 thousand / year project of composite material of gel of silicon radical gas. Among them first phase project is built produce per year gel of 50 thousand gas unit of production of compound felt insulation and form a complete set are fair complementary project, start working was built in Feburary 2021. High temperature of this company battle, bottle the intense heat of summer, stress plan, overcome the difficulty such as exercise of much influence of insecurity of time limit for a project, epidemic situation, more professional across, finished project job with 1 year of time only, built this year in January and turn into trial production phase. As we have learned, gas gel composite material regards a kind of new-style and efficient heat insulation as energy-saving material, it is current foregone coefficient of thermal conductivity the solid stuff with low, low density, have service life of train in excess specified length, exceed strong heat proof quality, freeboard fireproof function and superior mechanical performance, be known as the magical material ” that “ changes, use extensively at petro-chemical, heating power to provide the field such as car of net, building, new energy resources. Gas gel heat insulating materials is a foundation strategical forward position new material, discharge to reducing carbon, target of ” of implementation “ double carbon has important strategic sense. 2022, it is chemistry makes industrial project field the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of new fixed position of chemical of business of comprehensive solution service, high end and advanced material vendor. China land company relies on own technology and project to change a dominant position, closely around silicon base You Jiyan of fluctuation of gas gel composite material produces course of study, accelerate drive form much product to expand industrial position in coordination, the market research and development that effort building has international competition ability, production, sale is multivariate the base of new material industry of unifinication. This project 2 period main product adds the project newly 100 thousand / year composite material of gel of silicon radical gas, ester of silicon acid of form a complete set wait for silicon radical new material; 3 period the project is 150 thousand / year silicon radical enrages gel composite material and form a complete set is other and new-style makings of silicon base material. (Li Jun Yu Jin)

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