Spring in March, chun Chao emerges move, everythings on earth is produced. On March 28, ceremony of start working of project of base of industry of wind phone equipment is in the Mu Lei of build of investment of golden wind science and technology inside area of garden of industry of the people's livelihood of wooden base county start formally. Industrial base plans to build product line of wind- driven generation set, hind service base and center of dimension of big data carry, strive forms effect of group of region industry group, transition of industry of stimulative wood base upgrades, drive industry of energy of Chang Jike second birth to develop.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Zhang Hui of secretary of wooden base county Party committee expresses, mu Lei has advantageous area, policy and scene resource advantage. Rely on G7 Beijing new high speed, mu Lei already was become eastwards radiation Ha Mi, northerly radiate is accurate east, xiang Na radiate is spat rash time the important node that equipment of boreal border new energy resources makes. In recent years, be used to of travel of carry out of development of government of county Party committee, county makes the same score thought of secretary-general zoology civilization nearly, the “ that decides around Party committee of prosperous auspicious state closely 3 base ” develops 3 properties of 3 cities fixed position, adamantine take modes of life and relation to their environment low carbon of preferential, green develops way, grab catch “ to advance base of bend over of large wind light produced by electricity to build ” good luck energetically, make base of the sources of energy of cleanness of class of ten million kilowatt with all one's strength, accelerate advance development of region economy high quality. Fierce steel shows president of golden wind science and technology, wooden base county has nice area, policy and resource gift, “ honour business, relative a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, heavy business, protect atmosphere of concept of the business, ” that help business grumous, battalion business environment is optimized continuously. As be born in Xinjiang, grow to be in in Xinjiang, take root the mainland of Xinjiang but arms of the person at the head of a procession of second birth the sources of energy, golden wind science and technology will reach wooden base county in Chang Jizhou below the support of two class Party committee, government, the production that sufficient play Xinjiang makes, consign, carry, service dominant position, mu Lei industrial base makes green of group of electric machinery of the wind that it is collect make, scene resource is efficient the surveyor's pole of contemporary energy industry that center of big data of service of thought of carry of development, wisdom, new energy resources is an organic whole sets an example base. Base is full postpartum, can produce per year group of wind electric machinery 2 million kilowatt, with be about to the equipment such as the tower canister of put into production, lamina makes an industry make complete, closed wind cable industry catenary, for wooden base area large base of new energy resources makes good form a complete set, drive obtain employment thousands of person. Industry of new energy of base of the wood that help strength forms the group development, favorable situation that bursts forth eagerly.

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15-18 December

New York City