On March 18, spring of major 2021 project centers Harbin city start working ceremony is in Harbin of Harbin new developed area base of industrialization of science and technology of new material of limited company of academy of glass reinforced plastics is held formally. Force of million of king of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee, Harbin, the relevant leader such as of son's eldest son of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, city attends start working ceremony. Total courtyard of research of housing materials science Wang Yimin of secretary of limited company Party committee, president, ocean of Hou Di of secretary of Party committee of limited company of academy of Harbin glass reinforced plastics, president, general manager attend start working ceremony. Wang Yimin points out, project of base of industrialization of new material science and technology is a grand occasion that Harbin new developed area accelerates industrialization to build, it is the policy of new developed area of have the aid of of building materials total courtyard, another good news that accelerates high quality development more. Limited company of academy of Harbin glass reinforced plastics regards backbone of total courtyard key as the enterprise, tackle key problem in science and technology, in the major project such as major equipment form a complete set, broke through multinomial “ to block neck ” crucial technology, for war industry of our country aerospace, national defence and composite material industry development was offerred strong prop up. Base of industrialization of new material science and technology will become aviation of spaceflight of commerce of haing Bo courtyard, business, Gao Tie the research and development of burgeoning domain product such as communication of equipment, 5G and made main base, certainly will will increase own innovation capacity greatly, accelerate innovation catenary and confluence of industrial catenary deepness, drive the development of local obtain employment, taxation and economy. After start working ceremony ends, wang Yimin, Hou washs ocean accompanies Wang Zhao to the relevant leader such as force inspects construction site and accept channel of TV station international, Heilongjiang to omit TV station special report respectively.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City