On March 5 morning, ” of “ minister passageway is held to cover an activity after 13 5 conferences opening sitting, the State Council that invites conference of partial attend as a nonvoting delegate passes network video means to accept about controller of ministries and commissions interview. Development and He Lifeng of reform committee chairman say, confident to carbon coming true to amount to carbon of the peak, implementation before 2060 to counteract before 2030. He Lifeng mentions: The base of bend over of large wind light produced by electricity of 450 million kilowatt will be planned in desert, desert, desert, this is our country history go up massive program. Reporter: Director He Lifeng, we know to pay close attention to the be born circumstance of policy of ” of “ double carbon domestic and internationally very much, look excuse me antecedent condition how? How to advance continuously? He Lifeng: Thank. Carbon of the implementation before 2030 amounts to carbon of the peak, implementation before 2060 to counteract, it is consider the situation of party, the State Council, the major strategy that sets out to go out from national condition is decision-making. , this is a major issue that ourselves must want to do. Little natural resources of person much ground is meager, must want solid carry out implement new development concept, compose builds new development structure, promote high quality development, among them very important is to promote work of ” of “ double carbon. From will look currently, through advancing “ double carbon ” works, it is to be able to create rife to expand good luck and commercial scope, can large-scale advance burgeoning estate development, can large-scale drive old old village to be transformed newlier, these are commercial opportunities. 2 it is the improvement that can promote each district effectively to include environment of country, city life, improve character of life of broad and urban and rural dweller and life quality. 3 it is to be able to think the descendants seeks happiness, protect green water of good green hill, this is hill of golden hill silver. It is climate change " Parisian agreement " signatory, our do what one says, Nuo needs carry out, through solid drive ” of “ double carbon carry out, reflect us to bear the blame the figure of big country. The 2nd, this is an extensive and deep economy society changes. Advance ” of “ double carbon to produce opposite means and lifestyle to produce tremendous change, need each place, each industry, of all kinds enterprise to participate in not only, also need urban and rural dweller to be participated in jointly. Advance ” of “ double carbon, everybody is responsible, need everybody to come along hard. The 3rd, advance ” of “ double carbon must a dish of chess. Want to consider as a whole, pay attention to politic method, correct processing is very current the relation with ministry of standoff of future, long-term goal and short-term goal, overall situation, want to handle good progress and safe relation especially, after wanting to insist to stand first broken, reliable advance, exert oneself to do sth. continuously, for a long time is result. Come one many year, development is reformed appoint as carbon the carbon that amount to a peak counteracts the job to head group office leading unit, push work of ” of “ double carbon in order as a whole. It is to accelerate design of layer of the top that finish. Program of the opinion that party, the State Council published ” of “ double carbon to work and action of carbolic Da Feng, development is reformed appoint the executive plan that consider to make jointly with relevant section and publishs key domain in succession, had finished what ” of double carbon of 17 province “ implements plan to join, other province also is clutching undertake. 2 it is to advance design carrying a layer on the head to fulfil in the round. Cite a case, we plan the base of bend over of large wind light produced by electricity of 450 million kilowatt in desert, desert, desert, this is large-scale on our history, after company of circumjacent coal phone should insist to stand first, defeat, construction exceeds exceed critical generation set, transform power supply coal consumption in order 300 grams / the old old unit of kilowatt hour above, those who build on the safe side is special high pressure is defeated change electrical wiring road, this will make the new system of energy supply and disappear accept. Now all trades and professions according to new standard, solid advance transform newlier, develop project of high level of green low carbon energetically, will create tremendous commercial opportunity and development opportunity. Of course, we do not do ” of “ carbon assault, also do not do athletic style “ to decrease carbolic ” . We will be carried out fulfil deploy of good party, the State Council, strong and orderly push work of ” of “ double carbon effectively, can realize carbon to amount to carbon of the peak, implementation before 2060 to counteract before 2030 certainly, we are confident to this. Thank.

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