A few days ago, college of industry of Hua Dong grain is famous vinyl of professor, MFE what Zhou Runpei Jiang Jizhen hides ester colophony inventor is close 100 period " glass reinforced plastics " , " glass reinforced plastics / composite material " , " synthetic resin " , " chemical machinery " wait for magazine and nearly 30 outstanding foreign language.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Professor Zhou Runpei is in ▲ graph, chen Ling of vice secretary of Party branch of Zun Weihua prosperous, right for Hua Chang of union chairman Qian Jianhua Professor Zhou Runpei was graduated from Hua Dong chemical college 1956 (predecessor of college of industry of Hua Dong grain) organic industry is. 1959-1963 year study abroad at institute of organic compound of element of Russia academy of sciences, obtain chemical deputy doctor's degree. After going back to the motherland, have successively held the posts of Huadongli to be versed in material of university high polymer fastens adviser of graduate student of professor, Master. " glass reinforced plastics / composite material " periodical is made up appoint. Be engaged in synthetic resin for a long time reaching colophony radical the education of composite material and scientific research job. Main achievement has: “ is new-style anti-corrosive ” of polyester glass reinforced plastics and “MFE-2 are anti-corrosive colophony ” obtains Shanghai award of achievement of great science and technology; ” of colophony of “MFE-3 vinyl ester obtains Jiangsu to save award of progress of science and technology; Ester colophony ” obtains oxygen of annulus of “MF phenolic aldehyde vinyl appropriate starts award of progress of city science and technology. Chief editor all fabricates teaching material " craft of glass reinforced plastics learns " (masterpiece) with teaching material of composite material major " synthetic resin " , " craft of glass reinforced plastics learns " , " principle of composite material craft " etc. Publish a paper more than 110. The State Council is enjoyed since 1993 special allowance. Resinous of our country vinyl ester studies only then 1973, huadongli is versed in Professor Zhou Runpei of the university used epoxy resin and methylic acrylic reaction to synthesize annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony. Ester colophony is in vinyl to also be called in those days not saturated epoxy resin, methylic acrylic acid is not annulus oxygen polyester, saturated ester of acerbity annulus oxygen. Subsequently a series of research of vinyl ester colophony and its glass reinforced plastics were published 1974 in succession as a result the 1st period " anticorrosive communication " on, 1975 the 2nd period, 1977 the 3rd period and 1979 the 1st period " glass reinforced plastics " go up, 1975 the 6th period, 1976 the 2nd period and 1976 the 5th period " synthesize material " on. Be in early 1975, professor Zhou Runpei is in Shanghai the trial production in factory of Xin Huashu fat vinyl ester colophony, and in the anticorrosion project that tries a product to be used at aldehyde of factory of polyvinyl alcohol fibber of Shanghai petrifaction total factory to change bath workshop, this is home project of anticorrosion of vinyl ester colophony uses case successfully. Enlarge of factory of glass reinforced plastics was promoted to try a success in appropriate 1980, began to commercialize production. Subsequently chemical plant of Hua Dong chemical college (predecessor of company of China prosperous polymer) formal put into production, and escalate breed and crop. Current, company of China prosperous polymer has the vinyl ester colophony of a few kinds of model, produce per year can 20 thousand tons. Zhou Runpei teachs the Chang in respect of vinyl ester colophony investigate achievement was mixed 1977 respectively obtained Shanghai 1982 award of achievement of great science and technology. Since 1998, professor Zhou Runpei holds the position of chief engineer of China prosperous company, attack to do a test in the lab everyday almost, handgrip hand is guided old in group of green scientific research grinds early or late give out double phenol vinyl of A annulus oxygen ester colophony (MFE-2.MFE-3/MFE-5/MFE-7/MFE-9) the colophony of annulus oxygen vinyl that waits for much type, perfect vinyl of oxygen of phenolic aldehyde annulus ester colophony (W2-1, W2-3) , development of demand of follow closely user goes low radiative peak, low systole, Gao Yanshen rate, impulse withstand wait for vinyl of much sort MFE without styrene even ester colophony, apply successfully at chemical industry, oil, chemical fibber, coloured, papermaking, chloric the industry anticorrosion domain such as alkaline, environmental protection. Come more than 40 years, company of China prosperous polymer insists to begin annulus oxygen vinyl development of ester colophony research and industrialization application job, successful already application is in environmental protection of petro-chemical, papermaking, light industrial equipment of electron of medicine, electric power, steely coloured, energy, traffic is carried, the domain such as building bridge, aerospace, marine project, successive 10 old home market are had rate is banner. Be in especially steely, coloured, petrifaction, chloric alkaline, environmental protection, electron involve medium strong corrode grade domain, the be able to bear or enduring that the product of ester colophony of vinyl of MFE annulus oxygen of company of China prosperous polymer has long periodic safety to move anticorrosion function examines and data is accumulated. Rose 2005, exit of batch of colophony of MFE vinyl ester comes Germany, Holand, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia, Malaysia, middle east 35 with the area, year exit forehead 10 million dollar. 2014, china prosperous company complies with “ to be taken all the way ” strategy, technology of own MFE brand is outputted successfully, overseas has 4 collaboration factory to stick a card to produce China prosperous product, namely company of FAIR of the RF of NORD of Malaysia LUXCHEM, Italy, Australia, sand spy, market of and other places of product radiate southeast Asia, Europe, Oceanian, middle east, satisfy local client requirement. Internationalization collaboration came true to go to those who output technical brand to span from exit product, saved content to spread carriage cost not only, still enlarged an international market to have further rate. Vinyl of MFE annulus oxygen own research and development of company of ester colophony You Huachang, have own intellectual property, achieve international advanced level, have the honor to win Shanghai technology to invent award, Shanghai for many times the honor such as outstanding invention award. Colophony of MFE vinyl ester is had the honor to win Shanghai technology invented second-class award 2013, include Shanghai gain of new and high technology change a project to innovate independently 10 strong. China prosperous company is joined in all made up 45 with occupation standard, include " colophony whole area is general graph " (HG/T 21638-2005) , " puddle of vitreous scale liner " (HG/T 3797-2005) , " building anticorrosion is tectonic " (08J333-2008) , " construction of building anticorrosion engineering is normative " (GB 50212-2014) , " industrial structure anticorrosion designs a standard " (GB50046-2081) , . Will rise on July 1, by Hua Chang the company takes the lead the chemical occupation standard that draft " annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony " (HG/T 5876-2021) carry out formally, for annulus oxygen vinyl ester colophony reachs the application of composite material domain to provide a basis in anticorrosion domain, strong stimulative industry grows. Hua Changju closes matter dedicated high quality colophony 63 years

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