Bag of craft of ECH of law of third of third of 80 thousand tons of class passes evaluation     on July 29, by Shandong Inc. of triumphant peaceful science and technology mixes 80 thousand tons of joint development of institute of physics of chemistry of Dalian of Chinese Academy of Sciences / year chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of third third law (the expert evaluation that ECH) craft bag organizes through oil and chemical Joint Industry Conference. This craft bag is shirt-sleeve law of oxidation of hydrogen peroxide solution and glycerine law the advantage of craft of two kinds of ECH, pass technical coupling, the resource that realizes useless hydrochloric acid is changed use, as a result of,solve thereby many pair of problem that produces acid to restrict production badly to balance, the economy of takeup and environmental protection benefit. Expert group thinks this craft changed development to offer a kind of new technology way for the green of product of annulus oxygen chloric propane. Introduce according to Fanxin of the first month of vise general manager of triumphant peaceful science and technology, craft of law of oxidation of hydrogen peroxide solution is Dalian an ECH green that the place that change thing develops synthesizes craft, raw material chloric propylene produces a course deputy produce chloridize hydrogen; and the another green craft that glycerine law is current production ECH, manufacturing process as it happens needs chloridize hydrogen. Craft of ECH of third third law oxidizes ably with hydrogen peroxide solution chloric propylene is synthesized in law craft deputy the combinative place that yield chloridize hydrogen regards two kinds of craft as, whole craft with propylene, third 3 alcohol (glycerine) for main raw material, with hydrogen peroxide solution oxidation law regards core as craft, with chloric propylene deputy yield chloridize hydrogen serves as glycerine law raw material to undertake technical coupling to its, in yield ECH while, the resource that realizes tall salt waste water and useless hydrochloric acid is changed use. “ we innovate accordingly developed 80 thousand tons / year bag of craft of chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of third third law, include 50 thousand tons / year law of oxidation of hydrogen peroxide solution mixes 30 thousand tons / year glycerine law two suit buy. ” Meng Fan says newly. Bag of craft of third third law is mixed in relevant engineering technology undertook on crucial equipment multinomial improve and innovate. We are in “ 5000 tons / year hydrogen peroxide solution tries gain base to go up in oxidation law craft, made be optimizinged further improvement change development with the project to its together with project technology personnel, finished 50 thousand tons / year the development that DECH craft includes. ” Dalian changes researcher of content place tall bright to say. Buy of chloric propylene new clothes uses every 25 thousand tons / year reactor of high temperature chloridize, improved productivity of reactor of only station chloridize, reduced investment cost. Craft of law of oxidation of hydrogen peroxide solution uses two class to run type reactor and reactor of type of one class boiler, increased the security of reaction process, the crystallization that is helpful for activator and boiler of reaction of law of detached; glycerine use inorganic instrument agitate to mix reactor, prevented leak, reduced power consumption. In the meantime, the classics of tall salt waste water in craft of third third law can regard ionic film as the producer goods of caustic soda after processing, classics of waste gas, waste liquid burns harmless change deal with implementation resource is changed use, decrease a platoon corrupt the effect is distinct. Craft of law of “ third third solved chloric propylene deputy the problem that produces a large number of hydrochloric acid, the loop that realized chloric, natrium, hydrogen is used, still incorporated at the same time the ECH purificatory working procedure of oxidation law and glycerine law, the thick ECH that two kinds of methods produce can incorporate purificatory, reduced device to cover an area of so, investment and specific power consumption also are reduced further. In addition the project construction of this craft and operation pattern are more agile also, can expand according to demand already the device of hydrogen peroxide solution to industrial catenary upper reaches, caustic soda device and downstream epoxy resin device, also can supply the scale of production that adjusts two kinds of craft neatly with the circumstance such as market price case according to raw material, implementation profit is changed greatly. Gao Zhengning of assistant chief engineer of science and technology of ” triumphant peaceful says. According to reporter understanding, because the technology of chloric pure law that at present domestic ECH production uses generally exists specific power consumption tall, by-product is much, contain salt organic liquid waste handles difficulty to wait for a problem greatly, already by " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (2019) " row in the limit of makes kind of technology, direct oxidation law synthesizes chloric propylene ECH technology is labelled technology of great and crucial core accelerates 935 ” of industry “ constituent research and development, the research and development of craft of third third law agrees with policy requirement, complied with an industry energy-saving decrease corrupt fall development trend of carbon. Annulus oxygen chloric propane (the important raw material that ECH) is a variety of downstream products such as manufacturing epoxy resin, chloric mellow balata, the technology that manufactures ECH at present basically has 4 kinds, namely law of chloric pure law, ester of acetic acid propylene, glycerine law, direct oxidation law. Chloric pure law: It is raw material with propylene and chlorine, have the characteristic that maturity of agile, craft, operation stabilizes manufacturing process. Defect is by-product much, specific power consumption is big, close rate is low, the sewage amount that contains chloridize calcium and organic substance is large (40~50 ton / ton product) , processing cost is high, equipment is corroded serious. This craft already was included catalog of industrial structural adjustment to restrict kind of list. Law of ester of acetic acid propylene: It is raw material with propylene, chlorine and hydrogenous oxidation calcium, the advantage is reaction condition gentle, by-product is little, liquid waste quantity is more chloric pure law is little (about 11 tons / ton product) . Defect is raw material breed much, technological process is long, activator life is brief, tall to requirement of equipment corrosion resistance, project investment is large. This craft already fell into disuse at present. Glycerine law: With hydrogen of glycerine, hydrogen sulfide and hydrogenous oxidation sodium is raw material, operation condition is gentle, investment is little, cost is low, 3 useless ” discharge “ opposite less, liquid waste measures 3~4 ton / ton product. Defect is value of market of raw material glycerine wave motion is big, cannot stabilize supply. This craft belongs to green craft. Direct oxidation law: It is raw material with propylene, chlorine and hydrogen peroxide solution, liquid waste quantity is little (about 0.64 tons / ton product) , at present this craft has not realize industrialization. This craft belongs to green craft.

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