Bank convert share evening will be released on April 7 quarterly outstanding achievement increased announcement beforehand 2021. The company predicts to realize vest in to appear on the market first quarter the net gain of company shareholder is 458 million yuan, grow 1251.29% compared to the same period. On April 8 bank change share open quotation to go up namely 10% newspapers 6.27 yuan, later dish in open harden board, zip again up to noon closing quotation harden board, total market prise is as high as 10.8 billion yuan.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The company shows, outstanding achievement gains the influence of business of battalion of main acceptor acceptor beforehand. 2021 first quarter, company each unit maintained stability to move, main product output keeps stable. Suffer effect of market supply demand relations, the sale price such as propane of oxygen of main product annulus has compared to the same period relatively rise substantially. Sufferred epidemic situation to affect downstream demand atrophy first half of the year 2020, performance of price of annulus oxygen propane is low fan, the company was sold first half of the year 2020 all valence has 7701 yuan only / ton, industry whole go into operation is small fan. But second half of the year exceeds as what export an industry downstream anticipate anabiosis, drive get together to ether is consumed and export growth, supply and demand of annulus oxygen propane slants gradually close, the price goes up ceaselessly. Rise in price prices continues to this year all the time first quarter, data shows: Quote of new main trend of market of propane of domestic annulus oxygen is 18000 yuan / ton. Outside propane of the oxygen that divide annulus, annulus oxygen chloric propane also is bank one of major servicing that convert share, 2020, bank change the quantity of produce and sale with share chloric annulus to be 47 thousand tons, sales revenue 430 million yuan, annulus is chloric 2020 annual are sold all valence is 9280 yuan / ton. This year first quarter, catenary of industry of domestic epoxy resin lasts violent wind rises, advocate chloric price of double phenolic A and annulus also moves raw material considerably go up, the price with at present chloric annulus already rose reach 14000 yuan / ton above, predict bank convert share annulus is chloric first quarter board piece income also can appear of certain extent pull litre.

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