On April 13, big abundant port area and in ability development limited company is in division Yu Nengke in division eaves can Beijing headquarters holds autograph of project of large and maritime lamina arrange a ceremony, indicating this project is successful harbor of settle big abundant, fill the blank of industry of base of production of lamina of report of calm of big abundant port area, aid push transition of industry of port area new energy to upgrade to go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Port area is in charge of appoint conference chairman Huang Tongcheng attends. It is reported, ability develops division Yu Nengke in limited company will be in port area is new product line of on 4 large lamina, produce per year lamina of report of 120 large and maritime wind. Division eaves can regard home as business of blade of famous wind report in, the client spreads all over each district, include golden wind science and technology, carry to amount to wind report among them, 31 heavy can, the state is report, east the leader of a batch of country such as wind energy of electricity of electric, Hunan enterprise. At present this enterprise has Baoding of Gansu Province silver, Heibei, Heibei in domestic production base this world of beneficial of Xing Tai, Hunan, Inner Mongolia and Dalian and other places, have the productivity that produces per year lamina of 2000 wind report, year sale 5 billion above. Port area of this big abundant is large and maritime the formal be born of blade project, also opened this firm the beginning of production base of project of maritime and large lamina. The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially, both sides expresses to will begin collaboration actively, accelerate a project to push the work, will be start about with this project autograph, more of do one's best is wider the cooperative win-win of the domain.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City