Recently, zhejiang installs chemical group newly to invested the progress circumstance of a few big priority discipline of construction to make the introduction to its, project of 2 oxidation silicon had entered the gas phase that is located in Jiangsu Zhenjiang among them trial production plans stage. This project always invests 470 million yuan, year of crop of the plan can achieve 9000 tons. The product will be used at satisfying the silicon balata, coating, market that sticks sticky agent to still colloid batteries waits for chemical domain.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
As we have learned, this project is to install group and Germany newly to win achieve a gas phase in collaboration project of 2 oxidation silicon, also be the enterprise is held in this one domain occupy than tall project. In gas phase 2 oxidation silicon this one domain, the market is long-term guide by the proprietor of an enterprise of a few foreign capital such as chemical industry of hill of Kabote, heart, the speech advantageous position of the enterprise is very small. Install group and Germany newly to win achieve reached cooperation, conduce to raise an enterprise to be in the actual strength of this one domain, enhance the actual strength of ethical company. Gas phase 2 oxidation silicon is at present early dimensions changes production, use data of extensive body of ground rice of a kind of accept, can apply in a variety of domains such as silica gel product, medicine, food, lube, be in especially silicon balata respect, having indispensable main effect more. The make one's bow of this one project of Jiangsu Zhenjiang trial production plans stage, also be the progress that ethical company obtains on one hand in this.

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