On January 12, ministry press conference is believed to go up in labour, be versed in industry of the equipment that believe a ministry manages Shou Gang of vice director Guo points out, car of new energy resources is the important way of transition of development of automobile industry green, low carbon, also be the strategic alternative that high quality of industry of our country automobile develops. Car of new 2021 energy resources is to present the good the look of things of ” of double promotion of “ of quality of market dimensions, development more. Combine annual data statistic, guo Shougang thinks development of industry of automobile of new energy resources can be generalized for “ 3 fast”It is dimensions of produce and sale grows quickly, continue to get run     2021, produce and sale of car of new energy resources finishs 3.545 million to mix 3.521 million respectively, all grow 1.6 compared to the same period times, the market is had rate achieve 13.4% , on prep above year 8 percent. Among them produce and sale of pure electric car finishs 2.942 million to mix 2.916 million respectively, grow 1.7 respectively compared to the same period times with 1.6 times; The type that plug phone mixes dynamical car produce and sale to finish 601 thousand to mix 603 thousand respectively, grow 1.3 respectively compared to the same period times with 1.4 times; Produce and sale of fuel cell car finishs 2000, present growth compared to the same period. Anew car of the sources of energy goes situation situation to look, annual held produce and sale the development phase of two flourishing, began lunar sales volume to exceed 200 thousand March, will exceed 300 thousand August, will exceed 400 thousand November, will exceed 530 thousand December, show grow impetus continuously. 2021, sale of car of our country new energy resources finishs 3.521 million, grow 1.6 compared to the same period times, rank 7 years continuously, created since 2016 add quickly fast, among them personal spending is occupied than be close to 80% , can develop ability to promote further continuously. 2 it is quality brand raises   quickly pure dynamoelectric by with the car average add sails course of development raises the 400 kilometers above 2021 from the 253 kilometers 2016, quality satisfaction spends consumer to keep balance with fuel car, brand new energy resources takes the sale that use a car 2.476 million, grow 1.7 compared to the same period times, 74.3% what occupy new energy resources to multiply gross of the sale that use a car, the month has sold the model of 10 thousand increasing also. 3 it is car of new energy resources exit erupts what type growth   is worth to pay close attention to is, performance of export of car of new energy resources is outstanding, annual realized car of new energy resources to export 310 thousand 2021, grow 3 times compared to the same period much, exceeded historical accumulative total to export total. In the meantime, the industry grows environment of form a complete set to also be optimized further, end by 2021, accumulative total building fills a power station 75 thousand, charge picket 2.617 million, exchange a power station 1298, in 31 province urban district establishs dynamical cell to reclaim service site exceeds 10 thousand.

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15-18 December

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