Contest of petrifaction of short for Zhejiang Province pats valence perch to rise, manufacturer of two large main force is sealed dish aid turn market mood. Before this week a few days, double phenolic A goes up pull big, open jumps continuously go up mode. Up to on September 21, hua Dongshuang phenolic A consults valence is in 15200 yuan / or so tons, relatively last week 5 rise 1300 yuan / ton.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Prices of chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of another raw material is low fan, price backwater, 10500-10600 of reference of Hua Dong market price yuan / ton. Epoxy resin price follows with passivity go up double phenolic A gives priority to raw material, colophony factory go up in succession tone quote. Holiday drawing near, but downstream demand still has no apparent promotion. Up to on September 21, epoxy resin of Hua Dong liquid consults valence is in 20000 yuan / or so tons (the bucket puts on a factory) , relatively last week 5 rise about 900 yuan / ton; Price of epoxy resin of yellow hill solid consults valence is in 18500 yuan / ton (Hua Dong sends) , relatively last week 5 rise about 800 yuan / ton.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City