Now market closing quotation, newspaper of BPA low end closes in 26000 yuan / or so tons, newspaper of ECH low end closes in 13800 yuan / or so tons, all trade than going up day drops somewhat, double former Qi Jiang, this is meddlesome. Since this month, epoxy resin is sufferred double go up repeatedly formerly blow, profit nibble is serious. According to statistic, BPA gross profit has 15000 yuan / ton gigantic, ECH gross profit also has 4000 yuan / ton over, and LER gross profit is only of ECH 50% the left and right sides, the bill that considers before last half moon low to receive, exsanguine and overmuch, fill deficient hardship. Double go soft formerly, can be colophony price reduced necessarily? This I think may not. 1, at present BPA market supply of goods is supplied still show inadequacy, going soft currently is a kind of rational adjustment, see very hard temporarily have the sign that drops considerably, perhaps short-term inside still meet stage a come back. 2, last week BPA odd-numbered days from 26000 yuan / ton violent wind rises 27000 yuan / ton, colophony price did not follow go up, because this trades nearly two times,day BPA reduces 1000 yuan / ton, can saying only is to give colophony to enrich the blood. 3, factory of current major colophony has order to still be handed in already, deliver goods slant close, do not have the necessity that low accepts the order temporarily. 4, demand of electricity of 89 month wind promotes somewhat, the market is strengthened to good trend, gave colophony factory to establish sufficient confidence, price dimension is certain upward adjustment or what will make two months after Q3 is thematic. But, thematic it is dimension firm up, do not express to go up to not was down the possibility of fine tuning in node of a certain time. At present a lot of industries are shown a bit low fan, below environmental protection weigh, a lot of zone plants are restricted stop production is frequent, the situation of a disaster such as pluvial typhoon and rise from all directions of the smoke of wolves' dung burnt at border posts in ancient China to signal alarm of new coronal epidemic situation, bring bigger impact to normal production, these adverse elements need colophony factory to face reason correctly to dissolve.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City