According to straight flush (300033) IFinD data shows, on August 1 housing materials - coating price occurrence transaction:

Epoxy resin merchandise on hand already will go up to on August 1 forteen thousand two hundred yuan / ton, go up that day 0.95% , go up 3.65% , the month goes up 13.3% .

BreedThat day dataUnitGo up that day dropgo up dropThe month goes up drop
Show commodity price: ? Expend Jia children's hair?14200.00Yuan / ton0.95%3.65%13.3%
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Coating industry catenary

Coating industry is one of industry of the most essential form a complete set of building and industrial domain, main component is building coating and industrial coating. From the point of the angle of industrial catenary, the upper reaches of coating is raw material market, middle reaches is coating production is made, it is product requirement market downstream. Among them 4 kinds of raw material that upper reaches basically wants by coating production place are formed, the thing becoming film that includes to be given priority to with colophony, colour filling, dissolvent and auxiliary. From the point of downstream product market, coating basically applies at the industry such as building, car, shipping, furniture, it is the product of form a complete set of these industries.

Current, business of industry of our country coating is numerous, the market is spent centrally low, competition is intense. In addition, proprietor of an enterprise of industry of our country coating should be centered in the domain such as building coating, industry coating, main business product is basic and similar, all reside coating, industry coating to wait to build coating, home, little part enterprise is dedicated wait for a type at coating of car coating, marine coating, electrophoresis. In light of market size respect, hoist speed of crop of average per capita is faster, the promotion of crop of predicting average per capita will drive the constant growth that constructs coating yield. In side of demand of market of our country coating, because coating applies extensively at stone of all sorts of metals, lumber, cement, brick, leather, fabric, plastic, balata, glass and paper,wait for goods surface, and our country has the amount of industry put oneself in another's position such as giant estate, car, because this dimensions to coating demand is very big likewise, at present our country builds the power that coating industry increases to invest drive to invest to renovate collective drive with old house to estate stage by stage from estate, prospective drive element includes downstream land agent to quicken concentration, environmental protection + cost pressure accelerates small company to go out clear to wait. Of course, returning those who need an attention is, although production of our country coating and sale show ascendant trend, but the battalion of whole industry closes to be shown however drop posture, in basically depending on our country coating low end the product is coessential change serious, competition is intense, ” of “ price war acts more jump over intense, bring about industry product whole price goes now slippery trend.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
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