On July 11, ming Yangzhi can announce half year outstanding achievement to add announcement show beforehand, predicted implementation net profit goes to 980 million yuan 880 million yuan first half of the year 2021, grow 65.84% to arrive compared to the same period 84.69% . To the reason with fluctuant outstanding achievement, ming Yangzhi can sell reason end dimensions and be caused by of growth of in pairs of power station income at fan. Ming Yangzhi can point out: Spent whole of wind cable industry to carry growth state first half of the year 2021, company fan sells dimensions external relatively on year the corresponding period rises, make fan sales revenue had bigger growth last year relatively. 2020, capacity of delivery of fan of intelligence of bright this world is 5.66GW, occupy the 3rd when compare a report of the wind inside the the various states to make whole mechanism make trade with the market of 10% ; Capacity of delivery of maritime wind report is 0.91GW, occupy maritime be added newly and the scale of dimensions of net outfit machine is 29.5% . In fact, windward report “ grabs sea of benefit from benefit from the ” that install tide and carbon counteract target overlay to fall continuously this, although encounter raw material rises in price and the “ both ends that price of invite public bidding falls successively surrounds a ” , but the report that company of chain of industry of cable of much home wind still hands over ” of “ bright look. 1   raw material goes up greatly, ” of foundation of sound of fan price “ , but demand increases   continuously since this year, price of main raw material develops the wind report such as copper, rolled steel, epoxy resin ceaselessly tall, especially epoxy resin, 21500 yuan from the beginning of the year / ton pull point-blank litre reach 41000 yuan / ton above, at present although the price has fall after a rise but still be in historical perch. Meanwhile, onshore fan bids the price lasts ” of “ sound foundation, the mainstream fan of project of invite public bidding of electric field of current and large wind bids the price falls to 2200-2500 yuan / kilowatt, be apart from the price is bit 4000 yuan higher last year / kilowatt close to cutting sb in two at the waist, according to this year 3000 yuan of the beginning of the year / the price of kilowatt already also appeared to glide considerably. Face raw material to rise, wind report is overall fall fall falling “ ice fire is double current situation of day ” trade, how should be concerned company checked how? Listen to an enterprise how to say: In material science and technology: Price of wind report lamina follows the product model, height such as downstream client case relevant, the company basically is passed increase new product research and development, undertake product structure upgrades ceaselessly wait for means to promote wind report lamina the product all valence; Cost respect, colophony rises in price the influence can accuse, industrial epoxy resin purchases company lamina to fix a price for year, contract agreement has the mechanism that move price (include the numerous case such as oil price, dosage) , from the point of year, in blade cost colophony is occupied it is stability quite. The day arranges wind energy: 1. The company digests cost through a variety of means: (1) company dimensions advantage is clearer and clearer, reach strategic collaboration to reduce cost with upriver steel look forward to; (2) the company began to fall through interior last year this synergism is managing cost, obtained result; (3) outside dividing rolled steel price, flange, artificial, carry wait for cost to all have fall after a rise. Affect on the whole not quite. 2. First raw material wave motion is a very normal phenomenon; Next wind tower is pattern of cost addition price, of raw material rise in price, the company also can adjust product price; The 3rd, the company can use dominant position of product dimensions, cost, quality, raise city to occupy in great quantities in 3 north area rate, obtained first-rate result, the city that huge assured to future is in this area two years is occupied rate! The day arranges wind energy: Electric industry is in wind to try hard to realize carbon to counteract all the time, lead plane is large changing is fall very well this course, but the promotion of lead plane power, do not mean cost to promote with scale. Change a word to tell, use high-power lead plane, unit cost yuan / kilowatt can drop necessarily. To the fan of 4MW, tower canister + every add the steel that lead plane uses 1000 yuan / ton, practical effect cost 2% the left and right sides just. Golden wind science and technology: As the change of supply demand relations of the market after 2020, the price of of all kinds component returns to onshore 2021 aircrew gradually rational interval; The company already was by 2020 finished much the negotiation that 2021 year component purchases a contract, have not see price of short-term raw material is fluctuant at present the influence that purchases cost to this year. In addition, the quotation of average invite public bidding that at present product of fan main engine publishs market of invite public bidding is done not have so low (point to 2100 yuan / KW) , with the industry of opportunity form product average pay cycle is in 12-18 lunar left and right sides, give overall business falls certainly this space and time. The company takes an active part in trade action to collect, fan falls to work to also begin relevant professional work in synchronism originally board piece nonexistent deficit situation. Intelligence of bright this world: The wind electric field that price fall of fan invite public bidding brings builds cost to drop to promoting wind cable industry competition ability significantly. Show according to data of bureau of the sources of energy, report of wind of 1-4 month home adds outfit machine 6.6GW newly this year, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 3.05GW; Wind report adds dimensions of invite public bidding newly to also have this year rise considerably. Begin in wind mechanism, the company already was passed this year purchase, make and the multiple angle such as the technology reduces product cost significantly. Notable is, although encounter ” of “ converging attack, but dimensions of wind report invite public bidding is climbed considerably litre. Grind according to negotiable securities of 10 thousand couplet the newspaper shows, below the setting that fan price falls continuously, demand increases considerably. Not complete count, quantity of wind report invite public bidding is 29.82GW first half of the year, q2 invite public bidding measures 14GW, all achieve the history new tall, second half of the year and hopeful of machine of wind report outfit is strong 2022 get warm again after a cold spell. By 2021 before and the project of maritime wind cable of the net, just can obtain 0.85 yuan / the approve electrovalency of kilowatt hour, imply sea is windward electric country helps had entered timing phase. Strength of target of machine of outfit of report of maritime wind of together with Guangdong, allowance exceeds anticipate, maritime wind report is relevant during the many coastal province such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangxi all released 945 ” of “ in succession program goal, add outfit machine newly to anticipate already exceeded 25GW, construction of telegram of domestic maritime wind presses “ speed bolts ” . “ of outstanding achievement of company of phone of wind of 2 Home   much waves red”Under hot market level, maritime wind report develops benefit from benefit from of company of phone of wind of much this year home, outstanding achievement appears to grow considerably. 2021 first half of the year, science and technology of the material in blade bibcock enterprise predicts 1.789 billion yuan to realize net profit - 1.968 billion yuan, add fast for 100%-120% . Material science and technology states company entire industry all realizes gain in. Among them cost of Bo fine industry drops ceaselessly, produce efficiency and gain ability to promote considerably; Blade industry advances ” of “ high-power, big blade profile to taste put into production newly quickly, to the limit of one's capacity of lamina of maritime wind report; Suitable wind energy of day of production company of wind tower equipment predicts 760 million yuan to implementation puts in parent net profit 's charge - 869 million yuan, amplitude is 40%-60% . The day arranges wind energy to express, new energy industry persists tall scene bearing, development situation is favorable, portion of order of canister of tower of area of 3 north ” has company “ rate promote substantially, abroad reach maritime order to be produced completely also completely, predict to be in first half of the year hand order 720 thousand tons; Wind report does aircraft manufacturer electric wind report predicts 320 million yuan to implementation puts in parent net profit 's charge - 370 million yuan, grow 206.01% compared to the same period to 253.83% . The company states demand of downstream client consign rises apparently, consign of maritime first half of the year fan measures remarkable promotion, make company advocate business Wu income and net profit all come true to increase compared to the same period; Advocate the be prosperous photoelectricity of project of cable of battalion sea cable, maritime wind predicts to realize net profit 620 million yuan reach 709 million yuan, grow 40% compared to the same period to 60% . The company develops the strategy around ” of “ marine powerful nation, use oneself integrated advantage, grasp market opportunity actively, the technical innovation in field of product of core of marine communication electric power, marine engineering and market development obtain major breakthrough, the sales revenue inside report period increases considerably compared to the same period, drive a company to manage outstanding achievement to grow.

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