Recently, group of task of science of spin of Changjiang Delta university and Cai Yibing of engineering courtyard professor obtains enlightenment from inside structure of towel gourd sponge, with a kind simple methodological preparation gives a kind of high-powered photograph to change composite material. But fiber of sponge of qualitative towel gourd of second birth biology has passageway of class of distinctive small canal, many micron and extremely tall small opening the exceedingly good character such as rate, have development high-powered photograph changes the tremendous potential of composite material. In this research, researcher preparation gives a kind by contain get together glycol (the new-style photograph that the small tube of fiber of towel gourd sponge of PEG) props up changes composite material (PCLS) . This material appearance is stable, the thread of towel gourd sponge that has poriferous structure tubal account was offerred for PEG be enclosed primely and machinery is propped up. Fiber of towel gourd sponge is right of PEG cover the effect that ability does not get vacuum immersion time, but increase as PEG pH indicator and increase, tend great value 56.5% . Experimental result makes clear, earning PCLS is had good store can / reclaim ability and good thermoregulation ability, have good hot loop reliability, can use for a long time. Researcher expresses, the PCLS of this kind of innovation is in solar energy store can, the domain such as thermal conditioning, adiabatic, hot camouflage and concealed body is having wide applied perspective.

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15-18 December

New York City